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Semester Fees

Composition of semester fees:


  • Costs for the Student Services Organisation
  • Costs for the Semester Card (public transfer ticket)
  • Costs for the AStA (university student representation) including access to the bicycle workshop
  • Administrative costs


The fee also includes costs for the Semester Ticket Lower Saxony/Bremen which you may use free of charge for public transport in the Greater Hannover Area and for the second class of Deutsche Bahn regional trains throughout Lower Saxony as well as for Bremen and Hamburg central stations. Visit the AStA website to get further information on the semester ticket Asta.

*) The following special regulations apply:

    • For non-consecutive master's programmes and for supplementary courses or continuing education programmes, special fees have to be raised - contact the respective faculties for additional information.
    • Long-term students have to pay different fees; read more here: