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Range of Studies

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Subject area Type of degree
Advanced Anglophone Studies MA  
Analytics MSc  
Applied Linguistics So/BA  
Architecture and Urban Design MSc  
Architecture BSc  
Art Details
So/BA   So/MEd  
Atlantic Studies in History, Culture and Society MA  
Biochemistry BSc   MSc  
Biology Details
BSc   Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd   BS/MEd  
Biomedical Engineering MSc  
Business Administration Postgraduate Course MBA  
Catholic Theology Details
So/BA   So/MEd   Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd   TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Chemistry Details
BSc   Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd   TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Civil and Environmental Engineering BSc  
Colour Technology and Interior Decoration TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Computational Engineering BSc   MSc  
Computer Science BSc   MSc  
Diversity Education So/BA  
Earth Sciences BSc   MSc  
Economic Geography MA  
Economics and Management BSc   MSc  
Educational Studies MA  
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Details
BSc   MSc   TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Engineering and Business Administration BSc   MSc  
English Studies Details
Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd   TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Environmental Planning MSc  
European Legal Practice Supplementary Course CLE   LLM  
European Master in Territorial Development MSc  
Food Science TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Functional and Applied Linguistics MA  
Geodesy and Geoinformatics BSc   MSc  
Geography Details
BA   BSc   Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd  
German Studies Details
So/BA   So/MEd   Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd   TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
History Details
So/BA   So/MEd   Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd   MA  
Horticultural Sciences BSc   MSc  
Industrial Science Postgraduate Course  
Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Fü/BA/BSc  
International Horticulture MSc  
Internet Technologies and Information Systems MSc  
IT Law and Intellectual Property Law LLB   LLM  
Jura see Law
Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning BSc  
Landscape Architecture MSc  
Landscape Sciences MSc  
Law St  
Life Science BSc   MSc  
Linguistics, Functional and Applied see Functional and Applied Linguistics
Linguistics, Applied see Applied Linguistics
Materials Chemistry and Nanochemistry MSc  
Mathematics Details
BSc   MSc   So/BA   So/MEd   Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd   TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Mechanical Engineering BSc   MSc  
Mechatronics BSc   MSc  
Medicinal and Natural Product Chemistry MSc  
Metals Technology TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Meteorology BSc   MSc  
Modern German Literature MA  
Music Details
So/BA   So/MEd   Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd  
Nanotechnology BSc   MSc  
Navigation and Field Robotics MSc  
Optical Technologies MSc  
Philosophy of Science MA  
Philosophy Details
Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd  
Physics, technical see Technical Physics
Physics Details
BSc   MSc   Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd   TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Plant Biology MSc  
Plant Biotechnology BSc   MSc  
Plant Operations and Manufacturing of Wood Products TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Political Science (Politics / Politics and Economics) Details
BA   MA   Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd   TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Power Engineering BSc   MSc  
Production and Logistics BSc   MSc  
Protestant Theology and Religious Studies Details
So/BA   So/MEd   Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd   TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Religion(s), Society and Culture MA  
Role Play Details
Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd  
Rubber Technology Postgraduate Course  
Science and Society MA  
Site Engineering TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Social / Special Needs Education in Technical Education TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Social Sciences BA  
Social Studies and Science Details
So/BA   So/MEd  
Spanish Studies Details
Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd   TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Special Needs Education and Rehabilitation Sciences MA  
Special Needs Education for Schools So/MEd  
Special Needs Education, Second School Subject Graduate Course MEd  
Special Needs Education So/BA  
Sports Details
So/BA   So/MEd   Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd   TE/BSc   BS/MEd  
Structural Engineering MSc   Postgraduate Course  
Study of Religions / Ethics Details
Fü/BA/BSc   Gy/MEd  
Teacher Training Course for Grammar Schools, Third Subject Graduate Course MEd  
Teacher Training Course for Grammar Schools Gy/MEd  
Technical Education TE/BSc  
Technical Education (MEd) BS/MEd  
Technical Informatics BSc   MSc  
Technical Physics MSc  
Territorial Development see European Master in Territorial Development
Theology, Catholic see Catholic Theology
Theology, Protestant see Protestant Theology and Religious Studies
Water and Environment MSc (optional)   In-training Distance Learning Programme  
Water Management, Environmental and Coastal Engineering MSc  
Water Resources and Environmental Management MSc  
Wind Energy Engineering MSc  


Abbrev. Explanation
Details Details
BA Bachelor of Arts
BSc Bachelor of Science
MA Master of Arts, M. A.
MSc Master of Science, M. Sc.
MEd Master of Education, M. Ed.
So/BA Special Needs Education (Bachelor of Arts)
So/MEd Special Needs Education for Schools (Master of Education)
Fü/BA/BSc Interdisciplinary Bachelor's Degree (Bachelor of Arts / Science)
Gy/MEd Teacher Training Course for Grammar Schools (Master of Education)
TE/BSc Technical Education (Bachelor of Science)
BS/MEd Technical Education (Master of Education)
St State Examination
LLB Bachelor of Laws, LL. B.
LLM Master of Laws, LL. M.
CLE Certificatum Legum Europae
MSc Energietechnik (M. Sc.)
Postgraduate Course MBA Master of Business Administration


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