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A 3D generalized rock mass strength criterion and its application

MUSIC-Vortrag, 14.03.2016


First, Hoek-Brown (HB) strength criterion is introduced and a generalized 3D HB strength criterion is presented, which is also called as Generalized Zhang-Zhu(GZZ) strength criterion by international researchers. The GZZ strength criterion is an ISRM suggested method(2012). Furthermore, the yield surface of the GZZ strength criterion is modified by using three different Lode dependences with characteristics of both smoothness and convexity to replace its Lode dependence. The modified criteria are applied to the verification on the yield surface of non-smoothness and non-convexity and strength prediction accuracy of strength; Second, based on numerical simulations for rock with particle flow model, the effect of particle size, shape, distribution and contact model on the rock parameter mi is studied, and real parameters of GZZ criterion is obtained from field measuring by using binocular 3-D reconstruction technique based on single camera; Third, the constitutive model based on the GZZ criterion is implemented and validated using Tongji-Shuguang 3D numerical software platform (GeoFBA3D); Finally, a case study with the GZZ criterion is demonstrated.


Weblink www.music.uni-hannover.de

Prof. Hehua ZHU
Department of Geotechnical Engineering, College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, China


Graduiertenschule MUSIC mit der Sofija Kovalvskaja-Forschungsgruppe

Termin 14.03.2016
14:30 Uhr - 15:30 Uhr
Ansprechpartner Dr. Xiaoying Zhuang
Institut für Kontinuumsmechanik
Appelstr. 11 A
30167 Hannover
Tel.: +49 511 762 17834
Ort Graduiertenschule MUSIC, Geb.: 3403
Raum: A501
Appelstr. 11 A
30167 Hannover