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Advancing optical imaging and trapping by synthetic holography with spatial light modulators

Mathematisch-Physikalisches Kolloquium, 25.04.2017


Optical traps created by holographic optical tweezers controlled by spatial sight modulators (SLMs) have become an indispensable tool in many areas of physics as well as in cell biology. But the principle can be applied more widely, since SLMs may also be integrated into optical imaging systems, acting as programmable “synthetic holograms” enabling “programmable microscopy” which allows one to take customized and sample-optimized images. As programmable Fourier-filters, for instance, they can emulate various techniques for contrast enhancement, such as dark-field microscopy, Zernike phase contrast, or spiral phase contrast. Going from one technique to another is as simple as replacing the phase-mask displayed on the SLM. A great strength of this synthetic holography approach with programmable phase masks is the possibility to “pack several things into one hologram” and take multiplexed images containing, for instance, sub-images of different imaging modalities, different focus depths, or different parameter settings for interference contrast in a single exposure.


Prof. Dr. Monika Ritsch-Marte/
Division of Biomedical Physics, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria


Fakultät für Mathematik und Physik

Termin 25.04.2017
17:15 Uhr - 19:00 Uhr
Ansprechpartner Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ertmer
Institut für Quantenoptik
Ort Welfenschloss, Geb.: 1101
Raum: F342
Kleiner Physikhörsaal
Welfengarten 1
30167 Hannover