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Modeling the Influence of Density, Structure and Stress-induced Anisotroßy of Soft Soil"

MUSIC daily short course, 04.05.2017


In this course, the mechanical behavior of sand, will systematically be described and modeled with a newly proposed elastoplastic model. Before we will focus on general mechanisms of sand structures. And, before giving a detailed reasoning of the model, the background of the need for such kind of unified model will be introduced firstly, followed by its performance and verification with laboratory tests and field observation.

Without losing the generality of sand, a specific sand called as Toyoura sand, a typical clean sand found in Japan, has been discussed in detail. In the model, the results of conventional triaxial tests of the sand under different loading and drainage conditions were simulated with 8 parameters, among which 5 parameters are the same as those for Cam-clay model. Once the parameters are determined with the conventional drained triaxial compression tests and undrained triaxial cyclic loading tests, they are fixed to uniquely describe the overall mechanical behaviors of the Toyoura sand, without changing the values of the eight parameters. Particular attention is paid to modeling the effects of 1) Overconsolidation; 2) soil structure formed in naturally deposit process; and stress-induced anisotropy.

The proposed model is based on modified Cam-clay model (Roscoe and Burland, 1968), the concept of subloading (Hashiguchi and Ueno, 1977) and the concept of superloading (Asaoka, 2003).

Daily short course overview - May 4:

Part I (09.30-12:00):

  • Overview about sand structures and modeling – state of the art
  • Description and evaluation of Toyoura sand
  • Background and reasons to find a new model

Lunch break 12:00-13:00

Part II (13:00-15:30):

  • Research parameters for modeling
  • Test evaluation and findings today


Weblink www.irtg1627.uni-hannover.de

Prof. Feng Zhang
Nagoya Institute of Technology (NIT) - Japan
Department of Civil Engineering


Curriculum Vitae:

Dr. Feng Zhang is a professor of Nagoya Institute of Technology (NIT, National University Association, Japan) since 2005. He served as the head of Civil Engineering Department of NIT during 2006 to 2008 and the director of Advanced Disaster Prevention Engineering Center of NIT during 2011 to 2014. His main research interests are in constitutive modeling in soil mechanics & rock mechanics, numerical analyses in geotechnical engineering and seismic evaluation of earth structures. He is recipient of the awards including the Best Paper Medal of Soils & Foundations (2002, 2011) and the Best Paper Medal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers (2007).



MUSIC Graduate School with Sofja Kovalevskaja Group

Please, register until April 27: Email: Schulte@ikm.uni-hannover.de
Tel. +49 511 762 17834

Termin 04.05.2017
09:30 Uhr - 16:00 Uhr
Anmeldefrist 27.04.2017
Ansprechpartner Dorit Schulte
Institut für Kontinuumsmechanik
Appelstr. 11
30167 Hannover
Tel.: 0511 762 17834
Ort Graduiertenschule MUSIC, Geb.: 3403
Raum: A501
MUSIC Seminarraum
Appelstr. 11 A
30167 Hannover