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Beyond Borders: Work From Home - International Internship Programme

Beyond Borders: Work From Home - International Internship Programme

Did you always dream of working abroad, but didn’t take the plunge due to visa restrictions, bureaucratic paperwork and mounting costs of travelling and living abroad? Don’t worry. We now bring you an internship programme that enables you to work with our multicultural teams in India from the comfort of your own home/city. Give your career the international boost it needs in this post-covid era by interning with India’s premier university Symbiosis International (Deemed University) SIU.


Symbiosis Centre for European Studies (SCES) is a multidisciplinary support department within Symbiosis Centre for International Education (SCIE), Symbiosis International Deemed University (SIU) that was launched in January 2019 by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, HE Mr. Andrej Babiš. SCES liaises with Symbiosis institutes which have been offering academic programmes for the past 50 years. SCES lays emphasis on facilitating people-to-people and institute-to-institute connections with Europe, bringing the best of scholarly expertise to India, and encouraging Symbiosis students, faculty and staff mobility to Europe for research projects and learning through partnerships. SCES is envisioned to be an umbrella support system for all academic/scholarly/generic activities with European nations/institutes.


We invite applications from students in the areas of Digital Marketing, Research, Training & Consultancy to enable SCES in facilitating more meaningful, research-based, strategic partnerships and projects with European counterparts.


The internship programme is applicable for students enrolled in bachelor or master degree programmes in a recognized university/higher education institution outside India. The internships are multidisciplinary, however a know-how of basic online/digital technology is a must for any position!


  • Be part of a LIVE team and contribute to the developmental activities of a premier university in India that is also a pioneer in internationalization of higher education.
  • Acquire hands-on-experience in international education without getting involved with the complexities and expenses related to visas, travel and stay.
  • Receive a Certificate, Recommendation and Experience Letter from SCES-SCIE.
  • Gain cross cultural competence by working with a multicultural team from the comfort of your home.


We are accepting applications for interns for eight positions which will work across three wings, in collaboration with the SCES-SCIE Team and SCES Student Think Tank Members. The candidates should be self-motivated and self-driven in all roles in order to complete the assigned tasks.

1. SOCIAL MEDIA WING-3 positions

Content Writer (1)

  • The intern should have excellent communication skills in English and a flair for writing engaging content for social media platforms, content for blogs, newsletters, flyers, magazine etc.
  • The intern should get involved and participate in discussions in various digital forums/groups that will raise the profile of SCES across the network especially in Europe.
  • The intern should closely work with the Digital Marketing Strategist and Graphic Designer on various campaigns/projects

Digital Marketing Strategist (1)

  • The intern should have a knowledge of SEOs, Websites, Blogs, Newsletters, Apps and Backend Page/Account Management to run campaigns for social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram .
  • The intern should be able to devise strategies that will promote the visibility of the platform and SCES as an entity by adopting different social media strategies.
  • The intern should work in collaboration with the Content Creator and Graphic Designer on various campaigns/projects.

Graphic and Motion Designer (1)

  • The intern is expected to have knowledge of designing and of editing the work being done. This includes graphics and motion videos. The output should be high quality keeping the design aesthetics and branding for SCES in mind.
  • The intern should be acquainted and have access to CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, etc to perform designing tasks.
  • The intern should be adept at designing high quality creatives for social media, posters, flyers, brochures,etc.
  • The intern should closely work with the Content Creator and Digital Marketing Strategist on various campaigns/projects.


Content Writer (1)

  • Expected to bring out creative content for newsletters, blogs, surveys and for the SCES, SCIE E- Journal publications.
  • Should work in close collaboration with the Research Associate and Graphic Designer (Research Wing) to convert ideas into tangible publications.
  • The intern will also work closely with SCES Student Think Tank Members.

Research Associate (1)

  • The intern should have a strong flair for research, knowledge of statistical tools to produce papers for publications and also contribute in development of our E-Journal.
  • The intern must be interested and comfortable in contemporary multidisciplinary themes related to Europe, Indo-Europe bilateral relations, EU, etc in an effort to strengthen SCES Policy Dialogue with local and European Partners including HEIs or companies.
  • The intern should have excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office and should be able to analyse data and present for SCES Meetings.
  • The intern will work closely with SCES Student Think Tank Members, Content Creator & Graphic Designer (Research Wing).

Graphic Designer (1)

  • The intern is expected to have knowledge of designing for publications like Brochures, E-Journals, Newsletters,etc.
  • The interns should be acquainted and have access to CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, Mailchimp etc to perform designing tasks.
  • The intern should be comfortable with using hyperlink functions while working on designing and editing works online.
  • The intern will work closely with SCES Student Think Members, Content Creator & Research Associate (Research Wing).

3. CORPORATE WING - 2 positions

  • The intern will be the bridge connecting European companies located in their home country, EU companies in India and SCES.
  • The interns must be adept at conducting need based surveys with EU organisations, maintaining a database of key contacts, analysing data and creating high quality reports and presentations. In addition, the intern is expected to bring and pursue leads for creating revenue generating solutions and products/services for SCES. The objective is to promote joint research and the exchange of knowledge and practices that will encourage mutual learning and closer cooperation between India and the EU.
  • The interns are expected to have the desire ,inclination and networking skills to develop linkages with EU companies.
  • The interns are expected to have excellent communication, networking skills with a go-getter attitude. Research inclination to create and drive strategies is essential to this role.


  • This will be a voluntary work from home internship programme. 
  • The internship is for a duration of six months and 100% remote work from home.
  • The internship will begin in the first week of every month on a rolling basis. The first batch is expected to begin from July 1, 2020 and will end by December 24, 2020.
  • Registration for the internship is totally free and there is no registration/administration fee involved.
  • This is a voluntary internship and the interns will be rewarded with a Certificate and Letter of Recommendation from Symbiosis International Deemed University.
  • The interested students should submit their application here. Keep your resume relevant to the role and a statement of purpose ready.
  • They candidates must upload their photo, college ID card and their passport for identification purposes.
  • It is mandatory that the trainee should have a laptop/desktop (with software relevant to their role) and good wifi connectivity.
  • The trainee is expected to work 20 hours per week.
  • The last date to submit applications through the link will be the 25th of June, 2020, 12 pm IST.

Apply now!

The Applications will be thoroughly scrutinized and candidates will be invited for a zoom interaction. The selected candidates will be informed within a week of the zoom interaction.


For queries you can contact us and our team will get in touch with you:

Email us: sces@scie.ac.in

Address: Third Floor, Symbiosis Vishwabhavan , Senapati Bapat (S.B) Road, Pune - 411004, Maharashtra, India

Phone: + 91 20 25925320

Website: www.scie.ac.in ; www.siu.edu.in


You can also find all information here.