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"Short Course on Automation of Computational Modeling - AceGen / AceFEM"
21 Jun
21. Juni 2018 22. Juni 2018

"Short Course on Automation of Computational Modeling - AceGen / AceFEM"

Automation of Computational Modelling: Many advances in the reliability, generality and interdisciplinary nature of new computational methods developed in recent years can be attributed to a holistic approach to computational modelling, in which advanced software tools and techniques are combined with advanced numerical methods. The holistic approach is playing nowadays a central role in the process that leads to the goal of complete automation of computational modeling.

The main objective of the course is to provide theoretical background as well as practical training for automatic generation of finite element codes using Mathematica based code generation system AceGen.

Anmeldung per Email an Dorit Schulte - schulte@ikm.uni-hannover.de


Prof. Joze Korelc
University of Ljubljana


Graduiertenschule MUSiC mit dem IRTG 1627


21. Juni 2018 22. Juni 2018
09:00 Uhr - 16:30 Uhr


30. Mai 2018


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