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Industrial Research and Development: Workflows, Economic Considerations and Requirements"
29 Aug
29. August 2018

Industrial Research and Development: Workflows, Economic Considerations and Requirements"

Most postgraduates in engineering sciences change from university to industry, when having finished their doctorate, which is intended to be a sound qualification for industrial requirements. However, industrial research and development processes and perspectives are often quite different from academic research. For young academic researchers it is useful to have knowledge on some common aspects in industrial research, particularly when either working in a collaboration with industrial partners or if an industrial career is planned.

This seminar talk provides a short introduction to today’s management decision processes and project management aspects, with focus on research and development projects. Some examples show the significance of economic considerations, which finally determine the commercial success of research projects.

Young researchers entering a company for the first time may get the impression, that their expert knowledge seems to be disregarded by colleagues or management. This is often explainable by the additional requirements and different priorities in complex development processes. Awareness of these may be useful for a successful start in industrial research and development.


Prof. Markus André
University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover


Graduiertenschule MUSiC mit der International Training Group IRTG 1627


29. August 2018
10:00 Uhr - 11:30 Uhr


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