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Maxwell's Demon and the Non-reciprocal Quantum Ring
24 Jan
24. Januar 2019
Solid State Physics Colloquium

Maxwell's Demon and the Non-reciprocal Quantum Ring

A non-reciprocal quantum ring, where one arm of the ring contains

the Rashba spin-orbit interaction but not in the other arm shows

very unique electronic properties. The Aharonov Bohm oscillations

are totally absent in this ring. In a magnetic field the electron is in

the non-Rashba arm, while it is in the Rashba arm for zero (or

negative) magnetic field. The average spin polarization reveals an

unusual temperature dependence. These indicate that a non-reciprocal

quantum ring could be the Demon’s workplace where electrons are

sorted according to their spins in different regions of the ring by

switching on and off the magnetic field, resulting in a huge temperature



Prof. Dr. Tapash Chakraborty

University of Manitoba

Winnipeg, Canada


Institut für Festkörperphysik, Prof. Dr. Rolf Haug


24. Januar 2019
16:15 Uhr - 17:30 Uhr


Raum: 268
Appelstr. 2
30167 Hannover