26 Nov
26. November 2020
Lunch Talk "Science as a Vocation"

Academic careers in Germany

Are you a (Ph.D.) student or a postdoc from abroad? Do you have an interest in pursuing an academic career in Germany? Or to spend at least some years of your academic career in Germany. Then, this event is the right one for you!

This lunch talk will be held in English and explicitly addresses international researchers. However, everyone interested in the topic is welcome. The talk will raise the important question of how an academic career in Germany might be successful, what the important factors in preparing an academic career are and what the specific difficulties and obstacles are (if there are any) for young researchers coming from abroad.

Dr. Lucy Ombaka will talk about her career in Kenya and in Germany, currently working as a chemist and Humboldt fellow at Leibniz University. She will give an impression of how an academic job after one’s Ph.D. and/or postdoc can look and what the perspectives and possibilities are.

Representatives of both the International Office and the Graduate Academy will chair the event and give further information on academic career paths after a Ph.D., circumstances (e.g. the “Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz”) and “specialties” of the German academia.

The lunch talk addresses all young researchers and those who are interested in the topic. As the event takes place at lunchtime, everyone is invited to bring his own food and eat if desired. The lunch talk explicitly serves as an informal offer to get information and get in contact with peers from the university. Thus, questions are allowed and more than welcome!


To register, please send a short e-mail using the registration button on the website linked below. Thank you!


Graduiertenakademie, Hochschulbüro für Internationales


26. November 2020
12:30 Uhr - 14:00 Uhr


25. November 2020