30 Jun
30. Juni 2022

Advances in Environmental Control Systems and Compact Heat Exchangers for Aerospace Applications

In this talk, the various types of Environmental Control Systems (ECS) and Compact Heat Exchangers (CHEs) are presented for Aircraft applications in view of minimizing pneumatic power from engines due to bleed extraction is the prime challenge in aviation industry. The various alternative systems are being developed in Aircraft industry in view of the overall energy optimization in aircraft systems. The basic requirements of ECS and advancements in manufacturing of CHEs are highlighted The total energy consumption comparison is made with various options of ECS. The various alternative systems like all electric ECS, the fuel fells and Solar Energy are brought out utilizing electric power in the aircraft. Another important equipment in Aircraft industry are CHEs, whose weight, volume and performance are prime criteria in aerospace industry. Hence, the advances of CHEs are also highlighted in this talk.


  • Prof. Dr. C. Ranganayakulu
  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science–Pilani, Rajsthan, India


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30. Juni 2022
14:00 Uhr - 15:30 Uhr


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