19 Sep
19. September 2022
2-Day-Workshop for parents (to be)

Juggling career AND family

Juggling career & family - small group online coaching

Research, teaching, career planning, children, partnership - and last but not least one's own needs: Even under normal circumstances, it is a balancing act for young parents in science to meet the different demands and to achieve good results under time pressure. In the current pandemic situation, it often seems to be impossible.

Within the course of the small group coaching, the participants have the opportunity,

  • to deal intensively with their own crucial (family) issues,
  • to reflect on their personal situation in an exchange with other parents,
  • to become aware of their own values,
  • to identify weaknesses, but also resources,
  • to examine priorities and goals and, if necessary, to set them differently.

The coaching tackles the subject with a mix of input, discussions, partner / group work and self-reflection exercises.

Please feel free to indicate your topic wishes and concerns in advance of the event; please send them to the lecturer Antje Rach up to 2 weeks before the workshop:ar@worteundwandel.de

Possible topics may include:

  • Stress: origins, coping & self-care.
  • Analysis of own core values, resources and external support options
  • Acting in different roles: Tasks, clarity & demarcation
  • Partnership division & role patterns - Setting goals & priorities
  • legal issues - Time management & planning: tools & techniques

The coaching consists of two appointments:

  • Monday |19.09.2022 | 9:00 – 12:30 Uhr
  • Thursday | 06.10.2022 | 9:00 – 11:30 Uhr


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Hochschulbüro für ChancenVielfalt


19. September 2022


Hochschulbüro für ChancenVielfalt