Schedule for Course 2017-18

The following table shows the dates and venues of the project work and contact phases:




Contact Phase

Project Work

Home country



15th July to 27th August 2017


Module 1 and 3

1st Workshop

28th Aug – 8th Sep 2017

29th August – 7th September 2017

Home country: project work

Guanajuato (for participants from Latin America), Nairobi (for participants from Africa), Manipal (for participants from Asia)

Module 1 and 2

2nd Workshop

(Regional Workshop)

Spring 2018

Preliminary dates:

Nairobi: 19th -23thMarch 2018

Guanajuato:23rd -27th April 2018

Manipal:5th – 9th March, 2018

Home country: project work May – August 2018


Module 2 and 4

3rd Workshop

September 2018

September 2018

Home country

Final report


Deadline: November 2018


As the workshops of the course are interconnected, participants must take part in all three workshops and report regularly about their projects between and during the workshops. A written commitment to fulfil these activities is mandatory.