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V. International Conference on Particle-Based Methods, 26.09.2017 - 28.09.2017


The V International Conference on Particle-Based Methods (PARTICLES 2017) will be organised on 26 - 28 September 2017 in Hannover, Germany. The four previous conferences on this series were held in Barcelona on 25-27 November 2009 and 26-28 October 2011, in Stuttgart on 18-20 September 2013, and in Barcelona on 28-30 September 2015.

PARTICLES 2017 will address both the fundamental basis and the applicability of state-of-the-art particle-based computational methods that can be effectively used for solving a variety of problems in engineering and applied sciences.

The denotation "Particle-Based Methods" basically stands for two different computational models in solid and fluid mechanics.

On the one hand it represents discretization concepts in which the response of a continuum is projected onto "particles" carrying the mechanical information during deformations. Typical representatives are Meshless Methods, Smoothed Particles Hydrodynamics (SPH), Moving Particle Simulation (MPS), Particle Finite Element Method (PFEM), Material Point Method (MPM) and the Lattice-Boltzmann-Method (LBM).

On the other hand the notion expresses the computational representation of physical particles existing on different scales. Classical versions are Molecular Dynamics (MD) or the Discrete (Distinct) Element Method (DEM). Here either the particles exist a priori like in granular matters or they evolve during the loading process. In some cases the two models of discretization and physical particles are even interconnected.

PARTICLES 2017 covers both concepts because of their strong interrelation in their computation as well as application point of view.

Url http://congress.cimne.com/particles2017/frontal/default.asp

Plenary Lecturers

  • Paul Cleary (CSIRO, Australia)
  • Jose Manuel García-Aznar (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain)
  • Hans J. Herrmann (ETH Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Seiichi Koshizuka (University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Stefan Pirker (Johannes Kepler University, Austria)
  • Ulrich Rüde (FA University Erlangen, Germany)
  • Tarek I. Zohdi (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

Leibniz Universität Hannover

Date 26.09.2017 - 28.09.2017
09:00 o'clock - 18:00 o'clock
Deadline 10.02.2017
Public contact Prof. Peter Wriggers
Institut für Kontinuumsmechanik
Tel.: 0511 762 3220
Location Conti Campus, Building: 1501 / 1502 / 1507
Königsworther Platz 1
30167 Hannover