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The Unchanged Changing World of Mathematical Publishing

Mathematisch-Physikalisches Kolloquium, 14.11.2017



1. A short overview of the History of Mathematical Publishing at Springer is given. “Numerische Mathematik” was the first of all Springer journals over all disciplines to go online in 1994.

2. The change of the publishing world in composing and disseminating mathematical content in electronic form. TeX and “Online Visibility” are the buzzwords here.

3. Open Access for all mathematical content? New initiatives like “Overlay Journals”, based on the arXiv, are briefly discussed, as well as the Sci-Hub Website.

4. Keep track of what has been published and cited. MathSciNet and zbMATH, the two big Math Review Journals in comparison to other initiatives, like Google Scholar/xs.glgoo.com, ResearchGate, Scopus, and Web of Science. A new initiative from China: MathSciDoc.

5. Two new initiatives from SpringerNature: “SharedIt” and “Recommended”.


Dr. Joachim Heinze, Heidelberg


Fakultät für Mathematik und Physik

Date 14.11.2017
17:15 o'clock - 19:00 o'clock
Public contact Prof. Dr. Klaus Hulek
Institut für Algebraische Geometrie
Location Welfenschloss, Building: 1101
Room: F342
Kleiner Physikhörsaal
Welfengarten 1
30167 Hannover