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Rigid-flexible multibody dynamics applications considering contact interaction

MUSIC Seminar, 26.01.2018


Nonlinear finite element models are widely employed for simulating deformable solids. Particularly, such methods may be used to simulate a system of bodies. In this context, however, one needs to establish mechanical constraints. On the other hand, not always one is interested in considering flexibility of a body. Sometimes the objective is to analyze stresses/strains only in certain bodies, while others may be modeled as rigid bodies, saving degrees of freedom. In this context, the called rigid-flexible multibody software may be employed.

This lecture will comment on how to think of a rigid-flexible multibody model based on a nonlinear finite element framework. Developments such as structural elements formulations (e.g.: beams and shells), joints (e.g.: spherical, Cardan) and contact constraints will be briefly covered, focusing on the contributions of each part to overall system. A software structure to embrace all these items will be discussed. Particularly, a rigid body as a finite element formulation will be shown, such as some contact models involving it.

Examples of applications will be given, particularly involving dynamics of wind turbine systems, with blade modeling using equivalent beams with proper choice of stiffness properties..

Url www.music.uni-hannover.de

Prof. Alfredo Gay Neto, University of Sao Paulo (USP)


Graduiertenschule MUSiC

Date 26.01.2018
14:00 o'clock - 15:30 o'clock
Location Graduiertenschule MUSiC, Building: 3403
Room: 3403.005.A501
MUSiC Seminarraum
Appelstr. 11 A
30167 Hannover