Schulische Zweitsprachvermittlung und Zweitspracherwerb während der COVID-19-Pandemie

Auswirkungen von Schulschließungen und Distanzunterricht auf das Lehren und Lernen von Deutsch als Zweitsprache

authored by
Anja Binanzer, Valentina Cristante, Verena Wecker

During the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, German schools were predominantly closed and students were supposed to be taught at home via e-learning tools. This also applies to German second-language-classes. Considering the facts that second language acquisition crucially depends on a high amount of input in direct interaction and that online learning methods were not very popular in Germany before the pandemic, we assume that school closures had a high impact on second language teaching and learning. In particular, we hypothesize that the shift from classroom to online training has highly affected a) the teaching methods of second language teachers, b) the language skills being considered in these courses and c) the growth of students’ competences in their second language.
To verify these assumptions, we conducted an online-survey among GSL-teachers. The survey consisted of retrospective questions about teaching amount and methods as well as students’ language development before, during and after the school closures.
Data of 166 GSL-teachers who stated that they have provided online training for their students during school closures shows that during the school closure a) communicatively oriented methods were used significantly less than before and after, b) the training of oral skills was considered significantly less compared to the training of written skills, c) teachers predominantly evaluated the development of the students’ competences in most language skills as unchanged or even reduced.

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