Innovation Audit

Innovation management audit for companies

Companies can find out how innovative they really are in a free of charge audit. Experienced consultants identify the innovation potential of a company. The aim of the audit is to reveal a profile of provable strengths and weaknesses of the company in the innovation process. With the innovation audit, uni transfer offers a service for small and medium-sized companies in which the individual technology and innovation potential of a company is identified and further developed.

© Menzelmann | pixabay

At the beginning of an audit there is a discussion with the company management. The evaluation is carried out using the computer-based tool InnoQuest of the Enterprise Europe Network in which seven process fields are identified that influence and promote innovations within an organisation, for example product development, internal structuring and market orientation. The company receives a report with an analysis of the current situation, numerous graphics for evaluating the process fields and concrete recommendations for action. Upon request, uni transfer will present these proposals in a second round of talks.

The service is free of charge, the innovation audit is treated confidentially.

Innovation works externally and internally and must penetrate the entire company in order to achieve sustainable success.


Funded by the "Horizon 2020" programme of the European Union.