Journal: Technologie Informationen

Universities as partners of industry: The publication "Technologie-Informationen" provides an overview of technology offers and cooperation possibilities with scientists of the universities of the Federal State of Lower Saxony. The latest developments, practice-relevant processes and products, consulting services and expert reports - companies will find application-oriented ideas and solutions at our universities.

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"ti": Crises – Risks – Opportunities

Our increasing dependence on technical and infrastructural networks increases the risk of small and large crises. However, the growing complexity of systems also offers opportunities to make them more reliable and robust against disruptions and failures. Research at universities in Lower Saxony offers future-oriented approaches to solutions: Drugs against Covid-19, processes for groundwater and drinking water protection, and intelligent systems that optimize the maintenance of railroad bridges and production facilities.

PDF document (only available in German):  Crises – Risks – Opportunities

„ti“: Living with artificial intelligence

Whether artificial creativity or image archives, online commerce, marketing or logis-tics, intelligent prostheses or patient care – artificial intelligence can make our lives safer, more comfortable and more sustainable. Researchers from Lower Saxony are not only developing intelligent technologies for practical use. They also raise ethical questions, investigate what is feasible and where the limits are, and thus ensure greater transparency.

PDF document (only available in German): Leben mit künstlicher Intelligenz (Living with artificial intelligence)

"ti": Smart producing


Artificial intelligence and machine learning characterize our working environment. They significantly increase productivity and product quality. They can also improve the sustainability of production, save energy, optimize resource consumption and increase the safety of employees. Lower Saxony's universities are actively supporting companies in the digitalization process. They offer new developments, further education and training while pay attention to working conditions and freedom of choice.

PDF document (only available in German): Smart produzieren (Smart producing)

"ti": Agriculture innovative

Whether artificial intelligence in the pigsty or the robot with green fingers - digital innovations support animal health and environmentally friendly weed control. Blossoms instead of fallow land - this is the goal of efficient water supply and soil quality assurance. Alternative food for humans and animals, old cultivars or new varieties - researchers from Lower Saxony provide important impulses for sustainability from production to consumption.

PDF document (only available in German): Agriculture innovative



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