Doctorate at Leibniz University Hannover

"Promotion" is the award of a doctorate in Germany. It is awarded in a specific academic field, in the form of a doctoral certificate. A doctorate demonstrates the ability to conduct advanced academic research. It is based on independent academic research, a doctoral thesis and an oral exam.  Universities and equivalent higher education institutions (in Germany) are entitled to award doctorates. In principle, a doctorate is necessary in order to embark on an academic career.

  • How can I obtain a doctorate?

    The process for obtaining a doctorate is governed by the doctoral studies regulations of the relevant faculty. The general process for commencing a doctorate requires independently searching for a professor prepared to supervise the doctoral thesis. The subject is determined in agreement with the supervising professor.

    Candidates participating in a taught doctoral programme (e.g. graduate school, research training group, competence network) are also involved in a taught qualification programme and in an interdisciplinary research environment in addition to their doctoral thesis.

  • Registration for Doctorate Courses (only for Students who have successfully graduated)

    The doctorate must be registered in good time with the responsible committee of the faculty to secure the doctorate project. The documents that need to be submitted here are listed in the doctorate regulations. The responsible committee of the faculty decides about acceptance and if necessary stipulates admission conditions. After this, an official letter of acceptance or rejection is sent to the postgraduate.

    Please note that a registration can take place only after acceptance at the faculty.

    In addition to the above-mentioned mandatory registration of the doctorate, a registration as a postgraduate must also be submitted. Please use the online application form for numerus clausus courses.