Joint doctoral programmes


A Cotutelle de Thèse is a jointly supervised doctoral programme. Doctoral candidates who complete the programme successfully will be awarded a degree that is conferred by two universities. Joint doctoral degrees are particularly suitable for doctoral candidates focusing on international topics who are jointly supervised by academic staff at another university abroad.

For this purpose, an individual agreement outlining the framework of the programme must be concluded.

Cotutelle de Thèse model agreement of Leibniz University Hannover
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The agreement must comply with the doctoral regulations of both universities. If necessary, the agreement must be adapted to accommodate the individual interests of both universities and the doctoral candidate. The agreement must cover the entire doctoral process, from enrolment to the graduation ceremony.

Once the agreement has been approved by both universities, the agreement must be signed by university management, the deans of the involved faculties, the supervisors, and the doctoral candidate.


Cotutelles usually include a research visit at the partner university. If you wish to receive funding, you should apply in time.

Cotutelle students can apply for a research mobility grant. In addition, they have access to specific funding programmes designed for joint doctoral programmes.

Research mobility grants

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) awards grants for research mobility abroad or in Germany, as well as for participating in conferences or for travel expenses of supervisors.

    1. Grants for doctoral candidates from Leibniz University Hannover

    2. Grants for doctoral candidates from international partner universities


Funding opportunities for specific countries

The Université franco-allemande (UFA) awards  mobility grants to doctoral candidates and supervisors involved in joint doctoral programmes with French universities.

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