Administrative procedure


  • Visa

    Here you can check if you need a visa to enter Germany.

    If you need a visa, please make sure not to apply for a tourist visa. With such a visa, you cannot stay at the university and it cannot be convert into a residence permit for longer stay.

    Doctoral candidates who will receive a work contract at LUH and visiting doctoral candidates can apply for a visa as researcher. In this purpose, you need amongst other things a hosting agreement signed by the institute.

    Work contract and visa-free entry

    Due to the high level of capacity utilisiation of the Foreign Office in Hannover and because a work contract can only be signed by showing a valid work permit for Germany, we recommend doctoral candidates who will receive a work contract at LUH to apply for a visa even if they could entry Germany without visa. So you can start your work at the institute immediately after your arrival in Hannover.

    Not Eu-residents who get a valid residence permit for another EU country and who to come to Hannover for a research stay for up to 360 days, can eventually benefit from the EU Directive 2016/801 (REST). Please contact on this purpose Dr. Solenne Schwanemann.


  • Registration at the Citizen centre

    New residents who are staying for longer than 90 days in Germany, must register to the citizen centre (Bürgeramt) of the city where they are living. The registration must be done within two weeks and is mandatory for EU-nationals as well as Not EU-nationals.

    Please bring your passport and the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, which must be filled and signed by your landlord. In some cases, it can be that specific documents are required (e.g. certificate with translation about marriage overseas).

    If you are living in Hannover, you should apply for an appointment online.

  • Registration to the Foreign office (for Not EU nationals)

    Not EU Nationales who stay for longer than 90 days in Germany must apply for a residence permit at the Foreign Office if their visa do not cover the full period of their stay.

    Which Foreign office is in charge of you, depend on your residence.

    Residence in HannoverResidence in the region of Hannover

    Ausländerbehörde der Stadt Hannover

    Am Schützenplatz 1

    30169 Hannover

    Ausländerbehörde der Region Hannover

    Maschstraße 17

    30169 Hannover
    Online appoinmentWithout appointment during the office hours
    Entry without a visa

    Person who enter Germany without a visa cannot aplly for an online appointment at the Foreign Office in Hannover but is required to go personally there within 90 days. Please go to the waiting room 1 & 2 and apply for a "Q" number. With it, you will be automatically directed to the team 7 (for qualified employees, students and self-employed and their family members).

    Here you fill find an overview of the required documents.

    Sufficient financial resources can be proved via:

    • Work contract
    • Grant confirmation
    • Blocked account
    • Declaration of commitment

    Since 01.01.2020 the amount that must be proved is € 10.236.

Dr. Solenne Schwanemann
Administrative/Technical Staff
Welfengarten 1A
30167 Hannover
Welfengarten 1A
30167 Hannover