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In most cases, the institutes and faculties issue Transcripts of Records (ToR). For instance, this applies to the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences, and the Faculty of Economics and Management. If you are not sure where to obtain your Transcript of Records, please ask your course coordinator whether they or the International Office can issue your ToR.

To apply for a Transcript of Records at the International Office, please bring the application form, as well as certificates for each assessment completed in Hannover. Please submit certificates for all assessments with your application.

You can either use the following template or submit a copy of the confirmations.

Please note that course certificates must contain a mark and credit points (LP, CP or ECTS) in order to be included in the Transcript of Records.

Please be sure to submit the completed application form accompanied by copies of all course certificates! Individual course certificates cannot be accepted. To ensure legibility, please complete the application form electronically.

If you are unable to obtain all course certificates and marks before you leave, please send the completed application form accompanied by copies of all course certificates by post or via email.

ToR request form
DOC, 541 KB
Course certificate for Exchange Students (not to be used for the Faculty of Law)
DOC, 70 KB