Information for Students from a Partner University

Within the bilateral exchange programmes at university and faculty level, students can study in Hanover for one semester or one academic year. Proof of a good intermediate knowledge of the German language is helpful, as otherwise courses in English should be specifically selected ( major restriction in the choice of courses). Individual coursework/research projects can also be done in English in consultation with the supervisor. First of all, an application at the home university for a place in the exchange programme is necessary - the application conditions of the home university are valid. The resulting electronic nomination by the home university is a necessary basis for the further application process at Leibniz Universität Hannover. The nomination must be submitted by 30 April for the winter semester and by 31 October for the following summer semester.  

Deadline for Application

for the Winter Semester 31 May | for the Summer Semester 30 November

1st Application Step

  • 1.1 Nomination by Home Institution

    Please note that in order to apply for the exchange programme of Leibniz University Hannover, your home institution must approve your application first. So you must apply for a place in the exchange programme at your home institution first (applicants must meet the application requirements of the home institution). Your home institution must submit your nomination electronically by 30 April for the winter semester or by 31 October for the summer semester.

    If you have any queries regarding the nomination process, please contact Ms Anne Höch at the International Office.  

  • 1.2 Complete Online Application

    After you have received confirmation of your nomination from us, complete the online application of the International Office. After entering your details, you can double-check all information on the following page and make changes before submitting your application electronically. 

    • Under " Desired stay - home country and institution" not all institutions are listed due to technical difficulties. If your institution is not available, please select any other one. In this case, please add the correct institution by hand on the printout.

    • The arrival date is not fixed and can be changed later.
  • 1.3 Print out Online Application

    After submitting your details, you can generate a PDF file of your application form. Please print this document. If you do not have access to a printer, you can save the PDF file first and print it later. A printout needs to be submitted. Electronic data transmission via the system is not sufficient!

    If you need to change your information after you have submitted the online application, please submit a new online form. We will determine which one is your final application by checking the date and time of your last submission.

2nd Application Step

  • 2.1 Supplement the Application Form

    The printout of your online application must be accompanied by a passport photo and signed by yourself. Please have the printout signed and stamped by the exchange coordinator at your university. Then scan the entire application and generate a PDF file.

    Your application cannot be processed without your signature and the signature of the exchange coordinator on the printout of the online form!

  • 2.2 Proof of Language Proficiency

    Please also provide proof of sufficient skills (min. B2 for English and B1 for German according to CEFR) in the language of instruction (German and/or English). Please check beforehand, which languages are required for the majority of your lectures or for conducting research in your field. If you only want to take English language courses and are a native speaker, please send your University entrance Diploma to prove your English language skills.

  • 2.3 Transcript of Records

    Please submit a current Transcript of Records that lists completed courses and/or modules at your home institution.  

  • 2.4 Learning Agreement

    We also require your Learning Agreement. We advise you to choose appropriate courses with your course coordinator (Bevor Mobility). Some degree programmes also offer courses in English. Please only choose courses from a subject at an institute that corresponds to your field of study at your home institution.

    As details on upcoming lectures are not available until four weeks prior to the start of the semester, you should consult the course catalogue from the previous year. You can update your Learning Agreement after arriving in Hannover.

    Research projects can only be included on your Learning Agreement if you find a supervisor at the Leibniz University Hannover in advance. Please agree on a topic and how many ECTS you will receive. 

    Further information on how to choose courses can be found under Choosing your Courses.

    Please find the responsible coordinators for your field of study at Leibniz University Hannover here.

3rd Application Step

  • 3.1 Send Application Documents

    Please submit your application documents via email by 31 May for the winter semester or by 30 November for the summer semester!

    Please submit your application documents to:

    Your application form must be accompanied by the following documents:

    1. Printout of the Online Application 
      (signed by you and your coordinator at the home institution)
    2. Learning Agreement 
      (signed by the authorized person in charge of the recognition)
      -> Annex Guidelines to the Learning Agreement
    3. Transcript of Records
    4. Proof of language proficiency 
      (Certificate of at least B2 for English and B1 for German according to CEFR)

    Please do not send enrolment documents to the International Office or to any other offices at Leibniz University Hannover. Your enrolment will take place upon your arrival in Hannover.

  • 3.2 Approval Process

    Upon receipt, we will assess your application. Following the approval of the faculty, you will receive a letter of acceptance accompanied by the signed forms, as well as further detailed information (accommodation, preparatory language course, Study Buddy Programme, travel, enrolment and orientation days).


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