Intensive German Course Advanced Level B1 to B2

Language of instruction: German
Language level: 

Intermediate Level B1; requirement: completed A2 level, at least 400 lessons of German; final classification after placement test

Intermediate Level B2; requirement: completed B1 level, at least 600 lessons of German; final classification after placement test

Course fee:

620 euros (registration fee, course material, social programme)

Course dates: 

6th to 29th July, 2020 (rooms are available between 3rd and 30th July, 2020)

5th to 28th August, 2020 (rooms are available between 4th and 30th August, 2020)

Registration deadline:1st June, 2020                              APPLICATION

Suitable for prospective students and participants with prior knowledge of German wishing to learn the language in Hannover – where people speak German as it is written.

Number of places available:
Course description:
Intensive language course for participants with prior knowledge of German. There will be five hours of lessons per day. The course covers life in Germany as well as cultural aspects. Exercises to practise German grammar and syntax on an intermediate level; participants will improve their vocabulary, as well as their listening comprehension, reading, writing, and oral communication skills.


25 hours per week


from 8.30 to 13.00

in July:

First week: Monday to Friday

Second week: Monday to Friday   

Third week: Monday to Friday

Fourth week: Monday to Wednesday


in August:

First week: Wednesday to Friday

Second week: Monday to Friday

Third week: Monday to Friday   

Fourth week: Monday to Friday

Social programme and services: 

trips, cultural activities, film nights, welcome reception, farewell party, accommodation service


Please ensure sufficient insurance cover for the duration of your stay!


ECTS credit points obtainable!