Photo: Melanie Fiedler, Photo Calendar 2018 "Never. Stop. Exploring!" Photo: Melanie Fiedler, Photo Calendar 2018 "Never. Stop. Exploring!" Photo: Melanie Fiedler, Photo Calendar 2018 "Never. Stop. Exploring!"
Photo: Melanie Fiedler, Photo Calendar 2018 "Never. Stop. Exploring!"

Information for Erasmus+ Outgoings - Application Programme Countries


As the Erasmus+ partnerships are faculty-based, each faculty/institute is responsible for the application process and deadlines within the faculty/institute. Every faculty has its own faculty coordinator (Austauschkoordinator) respectively. The respective faculty coordinator (Austauschkoordinator) has information on the detailed process and documents necessary to apply for a placement within the Erasmus+ programme at  your faculty/institute.

Furthermore, you need to fill out the online application form provided by the International Office of Leibniz Universität Hannover. Please make sure that your faculty coordinator signs the application before you hand it in at the International Office. Please be aware that only complete applications can be considered for the further application process. Therefore, make sure that you fill out the application completely and with correct data. In case you recognize a mistake later on, you may log in again and change the wrong information and re-submit your application. With your online application, you transmit all relevant information for the nomination process at the partner university abroad. In case you will be nominated by your faculty, we will save your online application in our database (which is based on the common protection of data privacy). After having filled out the application you have the opportunity to review your data. As soon as you ave sent your data, you can create a PDF document, which you need to apply for the mobilty grant (see point 3).


You will be nominated at the partner university by the International Office at Leibniz Universität. However, please keep in mind that you have to apply at the partner institution as well to complete your application. The partner university will probably send you further information regarding their application procedure via email. If this does not happen within a couple of weeks, you might want to start looking for application information on the website of your exchange university by yourself.

During this step you will need a student application form from your host university and the Learning Agreement. In this document you have to write down courses you wish to participate in at the university abroad. The signing of the Learning Agreement by all parties will facilitate the credit transfer after your stay. Furthermore, some partner universities require a transcript of records, a motivational letter and a language test. The host institution will provide further information on the necessary requirements for a successful application.

Please only use one version of the Learning Agreement, either the pdf-form or the online version.


Once you have received the acceptance letter from your host university you, please hand in your application for the Erasmus+ mobility grant.

To process this application we need the following four documents (some may only be found in German):


Please note: In order to reiceive a placement in the Erasmus+ programme, you have to apply directly at your faculty. The requirements and dates for the application are determined by your faculty coordinator.

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