New Zealand

Opportunities to study abroad in New Zealand

LUH Programs

The International Office can offer you several options to study abroad in New Zealand:

One Semester abraod with the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) which is possible at the following universities:

Or a study or research stay with a scholarship provided by the New Zealand government. The Dream New Scholarship for students as well as the International Doctoral Research Scholarship for doctorate students could also be of interest hier.


Other Programs

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to complete an internship in New Zealand.

For students of Natural and Geological Science, Engineering, Medicine and Computer Science,  RISE Worldwide offers internship placements.

Students and graduates in Teaching can complete an internshhip through the DAAD scholarship program"".

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Students at Leibniz University have the opportunity to go abroad with the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) and spend one semester at Massey University. Massey University has three location in Wellington, Auckland and Palmerston North, located on the northern Island. The Program offers full support. Initial contact willl be made through the International Office. After that, the Guest University will help you with all of your needs, including your schedule, your accomodation and furnishings, as well as pick-up arrangements to make your arrival and your stay there as comfortable as possible. The International Office is also always available.

Semester Dates

Semester 1 (Spring): February - June
Semester 2 (Fall): July - November

ISEP Exchange

You can find all general information about the program on the official ISEP Site.
Please find further information, especially about the application deadlines and the application process on the International Office Site about the ISEP-Program.

ISEP Direct

Students can also apply for the ISEP-Direct program, which is subject to a charge. Unlike the ISEP-Exchange, ISEP-Direct students have to pay tuition fees.

If you are interested in these programs, please contact Uta Knoche.



Students need to apply for an online visa only.

Advisory Service

Initial advisory service at the Service Center.

Further advisory service after previous arrangement with the Program Coordinator for North America and Oceania.

Uta Knoche
Welfengarten 1A
30167 Hannover
Welfengarten 1A
30167 Hannover