Tips for the application

List of contents:

Please find any information concerning the specific application documents and application deadlines for the different programs on the sites of the respective region.


Sample CV (Quelle: Purdue University):


  • Who are you and what are you doing (academically)? What have you achieved so far?
  • What is your goal?
  • What are your strategies to achieve that goal?
  • How does a "study abroad" come into that?
  • Why that specific university / country? (if you apply to more than one, mention them briefly)
  • What kind of personal and professional benefit do you expect to gain?
  • What else is important to you, regarding your study abroad?


The Letters of Reference/Academic References should be written by teachers or professors at LUH.

If you have transferred from a different university, you can also get your academic references from your former university


Please contact your respective Examination Office to obtain a translated and certified copy of your LUH Overview(Transcript of Records).

If the Examination Office does not provide you with a translated transcript you can contact Ms. Müller for a translation. Please arrange an appointment with her individually:

Charmain Müller
Room 230
Welfengarten 1a


For a successful application you also need to submit a printed copy of the LUH Online Application. It is not relevant if you are applying for a study stay abroad with your faculty, the International Office or even the "Leibniz PROMOS" scholarship.
If you are applying for ERASMUS or a faculty program, the printed copy needs to be signed by your respective faculty's exchange coordinator:

  • Please select"My Application" and create a new account with a user name and a password. This account is separate from you LUH-ID, student ID number etc.
  • You can suspend your application at any time and pick it up later. Click "end" and the application will be saved automatically.
  • Please provide all necessary information under "Personal Details". Be advised that "National Identification Number" refers to your National ID or Passport number. Your "Correspondent Address" is your local address in Hanover whereas "home address" requires your parents' address - please provide both (if they differ).
  • Students of the "Fü/BA" program provide their Major under "Current Studies". If you are studying teaching, please select under "Study Subject" 140.    
  • For "Desired Mobility", please select the prgram for which you wish to apply.
  • If you are applying for ISEP, select only your first choice for "Institution". If you cannot find your institution in the system, select another university from you priority list (This has no bearing on your prioritisation of the ISEP universities on your list). 
  • Under "Study Subject", please fill in the subject you will (mainly) study abroad.
  • If you want to apply for multiple programs - e.g. a study placement at the Chinese University Hong Kong and additionally for the "Leibniz PROMOS" scholarship, you can do so by selecting the "more" button.
  • The section "Mobility Grant" refers primarily to students applying for the ERASMUS program. You do not have to provide your bank account details if you are not applying for a scholarship but only for a study placement. If this is the case, please fill in zeros (0) into all boxes. 
  • When all mandatory boxes are filled in, a button "send" will appear with which you can submit your application. In doing so, a PDF document will be generated that you need to submit with your application documents.


The Learning Agreement contractually records the classes and lectures that you plan to take while you study abroad. This is necessary to guarantee that your academic achievements are credited once you return to LUH. For this, please select possible classes and lectures at your guest university and review your selection with the exchange coordinator at your faculty. The Learning agreement then will be signed by your exchange coordinator, the respective coordinator at the International Office and the coordinator of your guest university, once you are there.

You only have to fill out the Learning Agreement after you have successfully applied.

If your classes and lectures should change for any reason while you are abraod, please discuss and review these changes with your exchange coordinator at your faculty immediately.