Information for incoming LEONARDO and ERASMUS interns (students and graduates)

The EU-Liaison Office at the Leibniz University Hannover offers students and graduates from foreign countries help in finding an internship in the region of Lower Saxony and in putting together an application.

We can also assist you in finding accommodation, registering as a guest student to be eligible for student discounts, finding language classes, and with any other questions or issues you may have during your stay. Please send us an e-mail:

For general information on Erasmus+ Mobility Programme and on the National Agencies, please take a look at the website of the European Commission: ERASMUS+ .


For internship offers, please refer to databases such as Europe Express and JOE – Job Offer Exchange.  Aside from these permanent offers in our region, we also recommend that you look for an internship on your own, since the number of places offered in these databases is limited. German internship databases, the Chamber of Commerce and the Yellow Pages offer a good opportunity for finding internships.

Detailed information:

The following links may help you to find an internship or even a regular job in the region of Lower Saxony.

Most of the websites are only available in German. Need translation? Check out (i.e.)


If you find a company or organisation in Europe Express or an offer from us in JOE - Job Offer Exchange, please send us your application per email and give us the reference number of the offer. We will forward your application on to the company or organisation of your selection and send you an email confirming where we have sent your application as well as information on your selected company or organisation. The company or organisation will then contact you if they decide offer you and internship.

Your application should contain the following:

If the company or organisation offers you an internship, please contact us, and we can assist you in finding inexpensive student housing, language courses, in registering as a guest student and much more.