ILIAS - the learning management-system for online-education

ILIAS supports the online education at the Leibniz University of Hannover by providing special features.

  • Online learning-modules which can combine texts, images, videos and tests to a cohesive unit
  • test which can be used as a "Studienleistung" or an e-exam
  • a training tool to support the organization and performance of tasks and assignments
  • Blogs, Portfolios, "Lernkartentraining", videoannotations as well as Live-Voting for in-lecture-votings and of course communication tools like Wiki and a Forum etc.

possibilities to access ILIAS

Through Stud.IP: You automatically receive an ILIAS account when you access ILIAS through the toolbar in Stud.IP (under "Tools" --> "ILIAS"). As an alternativ, ILIAS is accessible through the individual courses which are linked to a course in ILIAS.

In addition, students also have the possibility to build learning-modules themselves. This is especially convenient for students aiming for a teacher degree as it opens up the possibilities to reinvent their teaching methods. Account-requests may be directed to the eLearning Service Abteilung. 

Through WebSSO: As a second option, ILIAS can be used on a separate platform through WebSSO.

We also provide additional information on the page: Our ILIAS-Platforms.