In the future our ILIAS set up will be different to what is has been before. Instead of one ILIAS as it has been in the past, we will have three different ILIAS-systems. 

Depending on how you have been working with ILIAS before, you can read on and find out what will change for you. 

Our ILIAS-platforms

  • ILIAS as a part of Stud.IP


    ILIAS-System to grant access in particular courses in Stud.IP

    Advantages: Little operating efforts, because the participants are automatically generated through Stud.IP and the system is open to all our courses in Stud.IP.


    Older links have to be renewed as it is no longer possible to login to ILIAS on its own. The new web link to this ILIAS-platform is:

    This Ilias is not linked to WebSSO. Usually the users go straight through Stud.IP. 

  • ILIAS for Projects (new URL)


    ILIAS-System for projects which are independent from the Stud.IP courses.

    This matches the ILIAS usage of the “Mandantenauswahl” e.g. DAAD, IFW CAPE, VIPLab, TechColleges, eCULT, Umweltplanung or EMiLA.

    Advantages: This ILIAS is also accessible for external users


    The new address is:
    Older links have to renewed and this Ilias is not linked to WebSSO.

  • ILIAS to make innovative scenarios possible (new)


    Independent installation of the newest ILIAS Version.

    Advantages: Huge possibilities to be active in ILIAS. An access and a connection to Stud.IP courses is possible, too.


    This Ilias can be reached via the address:
    This Ilias is linked to WebSSO and therefore accessible for all our WebSSO users.
    We recommend a consultation from our ZQS/Elsa didactics-team.