Login assistance

The activation of your account is very simple. Your data is automatically linked from the IdM or LSF to Stud.IP so there is no need to input your data twice. 

In general, users have to use the WebSSO login to access Stud.IP. After successfully activating your account (see how this works below) you will have access to all our platforms which are run through WebSSO.

Old accounts can still be accessed through the “WebSSO”, however, we ask our users to merge to the new login via WebSSO. Once the account runs through WebSSO, the login proceeds via the “Login”-Button.

Password forgotten

If you have forgotten your WebSSO password, you can easily reset it yourself. To do so, go to the central login-page login.uni-hannover.de . Login with your LUH-ID and your personal password. Then go to "IT-Dienste" and look out for the line "WebSSO". You will have the chance to change your password in the right hand column. Simply click on "Passwort ändern" (Change Password).

Account activation

  • Students: Activate your LUH-ID on http://login.uni-hannover.de. You find your LUH-ID and your password on the semester sheet which you have received with your student identity card. After you have activated your account you can activate WebSSO. To do so click on „It-Dienste“. When you have done this your Stud.IP is ready. Go to http://studip.uni-hannover.de and put in your login data under „Login“at the upper left. 

  • Employees: In order to activate your account as a new staff member you have to follow two steps.
    1. Activate your LUH-ID on http://login.uni-hannover.de. You can find the username and the initial password in the letter you received from LUIS (Leibniz University IT-services) at the beginning of your career at Leibniz University. When you activated your account you can access the website. 
    Please activate WebSSO under „IT-services/IT-Dienste“.
    2. Use the account activation with your official university address. You will receive a confirmation link. Please follow this link to login via WebSSO.

    Change Stud.IP Account to WebSSO (Staff members)
    Staff members with an old account can still log into Stud.IP. However, the login without WebSSO is only optional until June 2018. In the summer our system will completely change to the single-sign on system.
    Staff members have to change their account to WebSSO. To do so, please login as usual and use the link „Nutzerkonto auf WebSSO umschreiben“ (migrate to WebSSO) on your personal Stud.IP homepage in the right column at the bottom. 
    During the summer we will have an information sign which will lead our users to the migration.
    But, we would like our users to migrate towards the new system as soon as possible. 
  • Guest auditors: Please contact the Gasthörendenbüro via Tel. 0511 762 5687 or via mail ghs-info@zew.ui-hannover.de . The staff members are able to create an account or extend your account for you. In order to do so you must own an email address and must be enrolled as a guest auditor in the current semester. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Gasthörendenbüro. 

For help and support use the E-Learning Hotline

Tel. +49 511.762 - 4040

E-mail elearning@uni-hannover.de