Login with Web Single Sign-On (WebSSO)

The use of Web Single Sign-On (WebSSO) at Leibniz University Hanover provides easier access and availability to the Leibniz University’s IT-Services. Thanks to WebSSO you are able to use several online services via a single data record (including your LUH-ID and your self-chosen password). 

There is no need to enter your login data every time you wish to access a service via WebSSO. That is because your login will stay active for a specific amount of time. The login will also stay live when you exit the website for some time or even close the specific website. If you wish to exit the service you must leave WebSSO or close your browser.

Preliminary for WebSSO is an individual LUH-IDStudents receive these with their matriculation documents at the beginning of their studies. Lecturers and staff members receive their details via letter to their department. Presupposed, they are not part of one of the status groups which are not provided a LUH-ID at all.

To activate WebSSO, please go to the account manager and proceed with the login. Then go to IT-Services on the left hand side. Activate WebSSO and set a password. In case of password loss you will be able to reset and change it at this location, too. 

We ask lecturers and staff members to enter their official business e-mail in the personal settings as well as other business services. 

  • Login with WebSSO

    Account activation with WebSSO

    After you have successfully activated WebSSO, you can go directly to Stud.IP and enter your login credentials. Please use your LUH-ID as your username and your individual WebSSO password and enter both in the "Login" data field for students and staff-members using WebSSO, on the left hand side.

    To access the Standalone-ILIAS log in with your WebSSO data via the “login-button” in the menu in the top right corner on the start-page. Access for lecturers and staff members to Stud.IP-ILIAS is granted via Stud.IP. Click onto “Tools” in the navigation bar at the top and choose the slide “ILIAS”. Select the link “Zur Stud.IP-ILIAS-Startseite”. Students will find relevant units directly in their Stud.IP courses via the slide “ILIAS”. 

    Modifying an existing account to WebSSO

    If you already have an existing Stud.IP account without WebSSO, you have to modify it to the login via WebSSO. In order to do so, please activate WebSSO and set a new password as explained above. 

    Lecturers and staff members then have to log into Stud.IP account with their old login-data via the “Login ohne WebSSO” followed by the tool “Nutzerkonto zu WebSSO umschreiben” which can be found under Quick links on their personal Stud.IP homepage. The exact procedure is also explained in the video. 

    Students also activate WebSSO in their IT-services and set a password. Afterwards they change to Stud.IP and login with their LUH-ID and their individual password from WebSSO. The account is now modified to WebSSO. 

    We ask users who experience the failure message "LUH-ID bereits bekannt/ vorhanden" to contact the elearning support.

  • Login without WebSSO

    Groups without LUH-ID (primarily externals and honorary professors, TIB-staff and some others groups)

    (primarily externals and honorary professors, TIB-staff and some others groups)

    At this point it is not possible that honorary members as well as lecturers and other groups at the university receive an individual LUH-ID. 

    Because this LUH-ID is mandatory for using WebSSO, there are special rules which bypass WebSSO:

    1. A Stud.IP account is automatically created when a staff member is fully registered in the register for personnel and institutions/departments (EPV). If your EPV-entry does not exist yet, please contact the LSF/EPV-agent from your institution/department. Here you can find a list with all LSF/EPV-contacts.

    2. The account will be activated by the elearning service office. We ask all affected users to contact us by phone 0511 762 4040 or via e-mail elearning@uni-hannover.de .

    Guest auditors

    Please contact the Guest auditors office directly. (Tel: 0511 762-5687 or ghs-info@zew.uni-hannover.de). Staff members will create or extend your account. 

    Preliminaries: You have a valid e-mail address and are enrolled in the current semester as a guest auditor. The Guest auditor office offers introductory seminars at the beginning of the semester. A pictorial for individual study is offered for download. The pictorial demonstrates the first steps in Stud.IP. The guest auditors office is happy to answer any questions you might have. 

If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to contact us

E-Learning Support:

Tel. +49 511 762 - 4040 

E-Mail: elearning@uni-hannover.de