Stud.IP Changes

Since summer 2018 our new Stud.IP system is online. Here you can learn what changes have been made. 

Changes in Stud.IP

  • New Design: Stud.IP 4.0 offers a new and clean design. Nearly all the functions are where they used to be in the old system. New is the profile-menu in the top right-hand corner with your personal settings, a personal file system, as well as your log-out button.
  • A major change is the new file management system. You can find your files in the same spot like before, however the user surface is new. To get more information on the new system, please click here.
  • Login via WebSSO: Additional to the update we are preparing the new login via WebSSO. To read about how the new login works please click here

Changes in ILIAS

The Former ILIAS System has been divided into three different platforms. You can find additional information on our information page.