WELCOME Online Mathematics Course

This online mathematics course offers them the opportunity to prepare for their studies or to refresh and deepen their mathematics knowledge during their studies. Participation in the course is free of charge.

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8 Weeks

During the 8 weeks of the course, lectures, tutorials and exercises are held in the 4 subject areas that are necessary in any technical or scientific degree programme. The topics covered alternate between:

(a) systems of linear equations, triangles, area and volume calculations and ray theorems.

b) Quadratic functions, function discussions, integration and stochastics.

The course is structured as follows: each topic is covered for a fortnight. In the first week, the current topic is presented in a lecture. In addition, there is an exercise in which suitable problems are calculated and discussed. Afterwards, homework is assigned, which must be handed in by Monday evening. In the second week, the topic is studied in greater depth.  The solution of the first homework will then be uploaded on Tuesday at 8:00 am (Tutorial I). Afterwards, homework will be uploaded again on Tuesday and must be handed in by Thursday evening. A solution video is also created for the homework (Tutorial II).

In addition to the online offer, there is a tutorial in presence by arrangement, in which both exercises are discussed and further questions are answered.

1st week of the topic Tuesday Friday
8am: Video-Upload on Stud.IP Lecture Tutorial
2nd week of the topic Tuesday Friday
8 am: Video Upload on Stud.IP Tutorial I Tutorial II


Condition of participation:

  • Residence title: refugee or for study purposes
  • Interest in studying or already enrolled
  • German language skills: B1