‘Start Smart’ at university

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A lot of questions arise when you start university. To make sure you are well prepared before starting your actual degree programme, the Student Advisory Services of Leibniz University Hannover offers all first-year students a Start Smart series of events. Start Smart is provided in addition to the preliminary courses and introductory events run by the individual degree programmes. It gives you a good overview of everything you need to know, and offers lots of advice on starting out at university.


Start Smart accompanies you into the first semester, even before term starts, offering a variety of online events that are held every Tuesday from 16:00 to 17:30. You can take part in as many, or as few, events as you like.

The events are aimed at all Bachelor’s and Master’s students who are new to Leibniz University Hannover. The International Office additionally offers an online welcome session for international students, containing specific information in English (note: this is held on Mondays).

Please note: The language of instruction of the "Start Smart" series is German, except for the event by the international office.


Tuesday, 16:00 – 17:30



Specifically for international students – in English

For all first-year students – in German

  • 16 March: Student funding and housing

    In this first event, we give advice on how to finance your studies and find accommodation in Hannover.

    Would you like to gain information on funding options and the housing situation?
  • 23 March: A well organised start to university

    This session offers you practical information on topics such as

    • Student ID card – LeibnizCard
    • Online login details
    • Insight into the structure of the university, faculty administration, and key contact persons
    • Information on the system of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (structure, modules, ECTS)

    as well as the opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding starting out at university. 

    Would you like to start out at university feeling well organised?  
  • 30 March: How to go about studying

    It is easier to delve into the – as yet – unknown world of higher education when you know more about the “principle of studying”.

    Besides information on timetables, credit points, the importance and types of examinations, the role of professors, self-responsibility, organisation ... there is also sufficient time to answer any questions you may have, enabling you to get off to a good start!

    Do you want to know how degree programmes are structured?
  • 6 April: Online services (Stud.IP, QIS, MELT)

    Everything online! Internet access, university network, course planning and registration, registration for examinations, etc. – nothing goes without an LUH-ID and identity management.

    We introduce you to the key services and offers from the online world of Leibniz University Hannover, and answer any questions you may have.

    Do you want to know how to use LUH online services?
  • 20 April: Studying competently: learning, writing, practical experience

    Learning usually involves greater freedom at university than at school, but you often have less time to cover more content. In addition, you face new challenges such as reading and writing academic texts. Moreover, your degree programme should also include practical stages and prepare you for entering the world of work. By offering a Learning Workshop, a Writing Team and a Career Service, ZQS/Key Competencies provides several services to ensure you get a smart start to university and professional practice.

    You need to register.

    Do you want to learn how to manage your time effectively for your studies?
  • 27 April: Start Smart in a nutshell

    The aim of this online event is to provide initial support for a successful start to university, combining our Start Smart series into a crash course.

    It is aimed at late enrollers or latecomers from all disciplines who may have missed the (specialist) introductory events or have outstanding general questions about the university or starting their degree programme.

    You need to register.

    Did you enrol late or were offered a place later than most others?
  • 18 May: Getting off to a (bumpy) start – What should I do in case of problems or doubts at the start of university?

    You may unexpectedly get off to a bumpy start at university. Perhaps the content is very different to what you had imagined, the requirements are much higher than expected, or you are finding it hard to make contacts.

    The following questions soon arise:

    • Have I come to the right place?
    • What options do I now have?

    This online event helps you answer these questions.
    You need to register.

    Are you unsure about whether you have made the right decision?

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