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Doctoral studies for foreign students

Guidance for your doctorate

For your plans to do a doctorate, you need to find a professor who is prepared to advise you on your thesis.

Use the contacts the teachers at Your home university have to scientists in Germany, ask for contact persons and establish contact to them.

Contact organisations that fund Your project, e.g. German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Have him or her issue you the "Doktorandenbescheinigung" (doctor certificate), stating the topic and period of time you will be expected to need in order to complete your dissertation.

Also, have your professor write you a statement that your German language knowledge is good enough to take doctoral studies.

Assessment test

It could be that the degree you completed in your home country is not recognised as equal by the University of Hanover. In this case, you will have to take tests in some subject areas, before beginning your doctoral studies, and possibly attend some seminars. Only after that, will you have the professional qualifications required to begin your doctorate.

Agreement by the Faculty

When you have sat the knowledge tests and found a professor to be your mentor, go to the relevant subject department / faculty and apply for acceptance of your doctoral study plans. Make sure the agreement is confirmed in writing.

Online Enrolment for Doctorates

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