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Selection procedure and Distribution of Study Places

Bachelor and State Examination

For subjects without restricted admission, all applicants will be admitted who have handed in complete application documents in time via Uni Assist.

For many subjects, admission is restricted (NC subjects). If there are more applicants for these subjects than places are available, the places will be distributed according to a selection procedure. For the distribution of university places, a ranking is made according to grades and countries. 5% of the total amount of university places are given to foreign applicants.

If you want to take the university place offered, you have to enrol within the deadline given in the acceptance letter.

After the expiration of the registration deadline (end of September) remaining university places in restrictive-admission subjects will be given to other applicants.


With an authorization to Masters Course generally the respective Admissions Committee will decide on the Criteria of the respective University Admission Regulations.

Application for Master Courses has to be directed at Leibniz University and not at Uni Assist.

German language knowledge


For Restricted Admission

For restricted admission subjects the selection process is even stricter as there are only very few places. By the end of July you will receive either a confirmation of admission or a rejection letter.
The assessments for master applications are sent according to meeting the admissions committee for the summer semester from January to March and for the winter semester from July to September.

For Unrestricted Admission

By the end of July you will receive a confirmation letter.