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Online Application

If you want to start a degree at the Leibniz Universität Hannover, please complete the online form.

Do not forget to sign your application form! Application forms without signatures cannot be processed by the registration office. If necessary, another person may be authorised to submit the application by means of a formless written declaration.

The following documents must be enclosed with the admission or registration application (please only submit officially certified copies, no originals):

  1. Higher education entrance qualification and if necessary an officially certified translation of the matriculation standard or recognised certificate of equal standing;
  2. If necessary the certificate for intermediate or preliminary examinations or proof of course achievement;
  3. A certificate of a previously completed degree course;
  4. 4. Any other verification documents: e.g. documents confirming completion of national service / alternative military service duties, development help service duties or the voluntary social year, if necessary the form "Resumption of studies", university withdrawal certificate.

You first need to select the group of applicants to which you belong. The link to the online application is located in the left-hand column of the next page.