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Summer Semester 2018

You will need to pay the semester fees* (usually 426,50 Euros)

by 03.02.2018 at the latest

when you re-register for the semester. Your registration is completed when payment has been received.

Please use the transfer order or pay-in slip that was enclosed with your student documents for the current semester to effect the payment. Do not make any changes on the transfer order / pay-in slip as otherwise it cannot be read automatically.

If you should lose the transfer order, please enter the semester code (18100), your enrolment no. and the code 7 (e.g. 1810012345677) into the "Verwendungszweck" field on a normal transfer order. If you have any questions, please contact our service hotline at +49 511 762-2020. Please remember to give notification of any changes of address in good time.

Thank you
The Registration Office Team

Bank details: Leibniz Universität Hannover, Postbank Hannover
IBAN: DE 31250100300001022307

Reference text (reason for payment):

  • If you have an enrolment no. with seven-digits, you should use the reference text (reason for payment): 18100 enrolment no. and a 7 at the end (without spaces)
    • If you have an enrolment no. with eight-digits, you should use the reference text (reason for payment): 1810 enrolment no. and a 7 at the end (without spaces


      For example with seven-digits: 1810034623517

      For example with eight- digits: 1810100346237


      Composition of semester fees:

      95,00 Euros for the Student Services Organisation
      242,50 Euros for the Semester Card (public transfer ticket)
      14,00 Euros for the AStA (university student representation) including access to the bicycle workshop
      75,00 Euros for administrative costs


      *) Deutsche Bahn and AStA of Leibniz Universität Hannover can give you more information about the Semesterticket. In addition to the GVH area the 2nd class of all regional trains of Deutsche Bahn in Lower Saxony, Bremen main station and Hamburg main station can be used.