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Statutory Accident Insurance

The students are covered by the statutory accident insurance (GUV). The insurance cover starts on enrolment and covers all activities that are connected to the degree.

The insurance covers accidents that occur e.g. during learning events, when using the library, on excursions or activities in the student self-administration. Also, the direct route between the learning institute and the home is covered.

In the case of overseas visits, the insurance cover is only valid for events organised by a German higher education institute. Usually, only those overseas stays that are organised and managed by a German higher education institute are recognised. Self-organised overseas visits, even if these are supported by the German higher education institute and are seen as necessary for the completion of a dissertation, are not covered by the insurance.

Also, the statutory accident insurance does not usually cover activities leading up to exams outside the higher education institute and on work placements. Students on work placements are usually covered by the accident insurance of the company or the facility where they work, however this should be checked before starting the work placement. It is also advisable to check whether any damage caused by the work placement student is borne by the company or the facility. If this is not the case, students are advised to take out private liability insurance or temporary professional indemnity insurance.


What to do in the Case of Accidents

Any accidents that occur on the grounds of the university must be reported immediately to the registration office!

Please complete the notice of accident form in full and send to the Registration Office (Welfengarten 1, 30167 Hannover), hand into the ServiceCenter or send the scanned documents to studiumuni-hannover.de.


Furthermore, you need to hand in a matriculation certificate of the semester during which you had your accident.

Should you have bills of costs resulting from the accident or doctor’s reports, please hand these in as well.

If the accident has been a commuting accident (on the way to the university/from the university back home/on campus), please fill in the Commuting Accident Form in addition to the Accident Report Form.


If the accident occurred during university sports, please fill in the University Sports Accident Form in addition to the Accident Report Form (for the time being at the University Sports Centre, Am Moritzwinkel 6, 30167 Hannover).


Accidents which occurred in the context of sports studies have to be registered using an Accident Report Form and a matriculation certificate only. Filling in the University Sports Accident Form is not necessary.


Should you need further information on the course of action after an accident in the context of studies, please contact our service hotline under 0511-762 2020 or write an e-mail to studiumuni-hannover.de.