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A person holds a model of a building in their hands. © Julian Martitz/LUH
© Julian Martitz/LUH
Course type
Undergraduate studies (1 Subject bachelor)
Standard Course Duration
6 semesters
Course Start
Winter semester
Primary Language of Instruction
Language Requirements

German HZB: none
International application: German C1
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Restricted admission

Stay abroad possible, but not obligatory.

Short Description

Architecture focuses on the design, creative design and construction of buildings. Architects are responsible for building activities, requiring a profound knowledge and a clear sense of judgement concerning material and construction, input and effects, management and economy as well as sustainability and acceptance.

In the Bachelor’s degree programme in Architecture, students learn the fundamental concepts of architecture and construction, including the development of analogous and digital architectural drafting as well as the foundations of the building trade, design, the history of architecture, and urban design. Understanding planning procedures and forms of participation is as much a requirement of the subject as a basic knowledge of land use and development planning. In this degree programme, students learn the skills required to take into account and coordinate these specialised areas of planning.

No internship is required for the Bachelor of Architecture degree programme. Nevertheless, internships also enrich the study life and can be credited as a preliminary internship for the Master's programme in Architecture and Urban Design.

Areas of Focus

  • Architectural Design
  • History and Theory
  • Digital Methods and Medial Representation
  • Urban Design and Planning
  • Art and Design
  • Building Construction
Course Content

Students taking the Bachelor’s degree programme in Architecture acquire a sound understanding of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in History and Theory, Design and Architectural Drafting, Construction and Engineering, applied in the context of practical and research-oriented study projects.

In parallel to attending courses to learn basic knowledge, students practice applying the knowledge gained in a module on Interactions, offered in cooperation with a variety of subject areas. From the fifth semester, students choose from a wide range of compulsory elective modules, enabling them to pursue their particular interests and specialise in certain areas. Students are examined by continuous assessment, for example in supervised assignments, written examinations, project drafts and presentations. The programme concludes with a Bachelor’s thesis. 

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Recommended Abilities
  • An ambition to design
  • Good power of spatial perception
  • A technical flair
  • High personal commitment
Career Opportunities
  • The BSc in Architecture is a degree course that qualifies graduates to work in architecture firms and planning offices, in the real estate and construction industry, in executive positions in public administration and in other interdisciplinary fields of work.
  • The degree qualifies graduates to embark on a postgraduate Master’s programme in Architecture or a similar subject, which is one of the requirements for acceptance into a Chamber of Architecture.
Possible Further Degree Programmes

Under certain conditions, admission to the following Master's programme is also possible. More detailed information can be found in the respective admission regulations. If you have any questions, please contact the course advice of the desired Master's programme:

Admission requirements and application

Admission Requirements

The exact admission requirements can be found in the admission regulations: 

Application Deadlines

First-year students (Application for the first semester is only possible for the winter semester)

  • Applicants from Germany and other EU countries: June 1st – July 15th of the year
  • Applicants from outside the European Union: April 15th – May 31st of the year (application via uni-assist)
  • Applicants who have passed the assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung) of a German foundation course (Studienkolleg): 01.06.-15.07. of the year

Students resuming their studies and transfer students (application in a higher semester)

  • Everyone: June 1st – July 15th of the year for the winter semester
  • Everyone: December 1st – January 15th of the year for the summer semester

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