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Economics and Management

Economics and Management
(Bachelor of Science)

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Course type
undergraduate studies (1 subject bachelor)
Standard Course Duration
6 semesters
Course Start
Winter semester
Primary Language of Instruction
Restricted admission

Stay abroad possible, but not obligatory.

Short Description

The work of an economist is extremely varied. Economists deal with the microeconomic and macroeconomic challenges facing businesses, public administration and organisations.

They are involved in activities such as public finance, management and organisation, human resource management, information and operations management, marketing and controlling. Due to wide-ranging interplay, environmental, psychological, political, legal and technological perspectives are also taken into account. Owing to such variety, economics and management opens up exceptionally differentiated and exciting research and employment prospects.

Students receive a theory-based, academic education, enabling them to embark on practical work in the professional world immediately after graduation. For this reason, the theory-based, academic education has a strong practical emphasis.

After completing the Bachelor’s degree after six semesters, graduates are capable of analysing and linking complex economic interrelations.

Further information on the website of the Faculty of Economics and Management (German language only)

Areas of Focus

  • In a bid to overcome the traditional division between business administration and economics, which is often criticised, the Faculty of Economics and Management at Leibniz Universität Hannover offers a Bachelor’s degree programme in economics and management that integrates both microeconomic and macroeconomic perspectives. For this reason, the areas of specialisation in the fifth and sixth semesters of the Bachelor’s degree programme are business administration and economics.
Course Content

Students gain a thorough grounding during the first four semesters. Modules include Management, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Law and Empirical Economics. Building on this, students can choose modules from other subjects related to business administration and economics in the fifth and sixth semesters to suit their individual interests. A mobility window for a semester abroad, involving a set amount of credit points, is set aside for the fifth semester. Students also have the opportunity to incorporate courses from other areas by taking modules from the Studium Generale. In the sixth semester, two months are devoted to writing the Bachelor’s thesis, which concludes the programme.

Semester Betriebswirtschaftslehre Volkswirtschaftslehre Mathematik, Statistik, Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung Rechtswissenschaft Schlüsselkompetenz / Studium Generale

BWL I (6 LP)

  • Einführung in die BWL
  • Unternehmensführung und -gründung

VWL I (6 LP)

  • Einführung in die Volkswirtschaftslehre


  • Mathematik 1 (8 LP)


  • Beschreibende Statistik (6 LP)


  • Öffentliches Recht (4 LP)


  • Marketing
  • Personal


  • Mikroökonomische Theorie


  • Mathematik 2 (4 LP)


  • Schließende Statistik (6 LP)


  • Privatrecht (4 LP)
3 BWL III (8 LP)
  • Investition und Finanzierung
  • Kapitalmarkttheorie


  • Makroökonomische Theorie


  • Geld, Währung und Finanzmärkte
  • Economics of Development and Environment

Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung (8 LP)

  • Empirische Wirtschaftsforschung

BWL IV (12 LP)

  • Externe Unternehmensrechnung
  • Interne Unternehmensrechnung
  • Unternehmensbesteuerung

BWL V (8 LP)

  • Operations Management
  • Informations Management

VWL V (8 LP)

  • Öffentliche Finanzen
  • Arbeitsökonomik
5 und 6

Kompetenzbereich Betriebswirtschaftslehre (20 LP)

  • 3 Wahlmodule à 5 LP
  • 1 Seminar à 5 LP

Kompetenzbereich Volkswirtschaftslehre (20 LP)

  • 3 Wahlmodule à 5 LP
  • 1 Seminar à 5 LP

Schlüsselkompetenz / Studium Generale (10 LP)

  • Wahlmodule

Bachelorarbeit (10 LP)

Recommended Abilities

Prospective students should have a head for figures, and should be able to analyse and combine information. Since business processes are shaped by people, students also require good social and communication skills. Due to the ever-increasing internationalisation of research and practice, foreign language skills are important but not essential.

Career Opportunities

The Economics and Management programme is the foundation for all kinds of careers in management, whether in industrial or commercial enterprises, with banks or insurance companies, in tax consultancy or auditing. The degree also qualifies graduates for employment in state administrations, associations, media enterprises and international organisations. Graduates have an extensive overview of the fundamental processes and methods of thought in economics and management, and are capable of applying these, without assistance, to practical situations.

Admission requirements and application

Admission Requirements

The exact admission requirements can be found in the admission regulations: 

Admission and special language Regulations Degree Programme Economics and Management

Application Deadlines

First-year students (Application for the first semester is only possible for the winter semester)

  • Applicants from Germany and other EU countries: June 1st – July 15th of the year
  • Applicants from outside the European Union: April 15th – May 31st of the year

Students resuming their studies and transfer students (application in a higher semester)

  • Everyone: June 1st – July 15th of the year for the winter semester
  • Everyone: December 1st – January 15th of the year for the summer semester


You want to apply?

Application deadline for restricted admission bachelor's programmes extended until August 20, 2020

Please note: The application deadline for the winter semester 2020/21 has been extended once to August 20, 2020 for all undergraduate programmes with restricted admission (bachelor and state examination).

The deadline extension applies exclusively and once for applicants from Germany and the EU as well as for graduates of the "Studienkolleg" in Germany.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the servicehotline at +49 (0) 511 762-2020, or by email to

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