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Mathematik im Masterstudiengang Lehramt an Gymnasien

Mathematics as subject in the Master’s Teacher Training Course for Grammar Schools

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Course type
Postgraduate studies (Master)
Standard Course Duration
4 semesters
Course Start
Summer semester, Winter semester
Primary Language of Instruction
Unrestricted admission

Short Description

The subject Mathematics is offered as one of two subjects within the Master’s Teacher Training Course for Grammar Schools.

Students on the Master’s Teacher Training Course for Grammar Schools develop and expand on the teaching methodological and specialist skills gained at the Bachelor’s stage. At the Master’s stage, students increasingly learn specialist content in the minor subject, enabling them to increase the workload in this subject to almost that in the major subject. In addition, much more time is spent focusing on teaching skills than at the Bachelor’s stage. During practical training, students gain their first experience teaching mathematics.

Areas of Focus

  • Teaching methodology
  • Numerical analysis
  • Stochastics
  • Theory of functions
Course Content

The Master’s Teacher Training Course for Grammar Schools focuses on teaching methodology, especially enabling students to approach school practice by completing practical training. In the course of their practical training, supported by teaching staff, students try out and practice teaching at a school.

Those majoring in Mathematics only need to take one advanced course in the subject discipline of Mathematics; students taking Mathematics as their minor subject attend courses on numerical analysis and stochastics, and an advanced course.

The Master’s thesis module comprises a Master’s thesis and an oral examination. The Master’s thesis should demonstrate the candidate’s ability to independently tackle a problem from the field of Mathematics or Education Sciences based on scientific methods within the set time. Students can choose to write their Master’s thesis in the first or second subject, or in Education Sciences. Four months are set aside for writing the Master’s thesis.


Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4



Advanced subject-specific course, e.g. Stochastics for Teacher Training or Theory of Functions for Teacher Training

5 CP


Teaching methodology in mathematics


5 CP


3 CP


Professional skills development

Practical training at a school


7 CP


Master’s thesis

Master’s thesis

25 CP


Recommended Abilities
  • Previous knowledge of mathematics, such as that taught on the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree Programme with the teaching subject of Mathematics
  • An interest in teaching others mathematics skills
Career Opportunities

The Master’s Teacher Training Course for Grammar Schools is the requirement for entry to the preparatory phase of teacher training at grammar schools. Irrespective of the core area of activity at grammar schools, however, graduates may also find employment in areas where analytical skills are required together with the ability to structure and teach content: examples include management consulting firms and HR departments of companies.

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Zentrale Studienberatung
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