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Application and Matriculation

Registration & Admission

Courses start in the winter semester only.
Admission is restricted.

Application Period

Applicants from Germany and other EU countries Applicants from outside the European Union
Winter semester December 1st – January 15th
June 1st – July 15th
December 1st – January 15th

The number of students in the Master's degree course is strongly limited. It is recommended to submit the application as early as possible.

Are you interested in studying at Leibniz Universität Hannover? Detailed information and materials on applications and admission procedures, admission requirements and deadlines as well as online applications are available at:

For further tips and advice for a successful start to your studies see:

Special Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for a master’s degree are a bachelor’s or a comparable degree in Civil Engineering or a related academic subject, e.g. Geosciences or Natural Sciences. In addition, evidence of language skills is required for Applicants from non-English speaking countries. For detailed information please see the admission regulations.

For detailed information please see the admission regulations.