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Information on the Coronavirus

Information on the Coronavirus

The emergency committee of Leibniz University Hannover evaluates the current situation regarding the spread of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 on a daily basis and determines a course of action for LUH. University management provides regular email updates to students and staff. Please check this website for new developments at LUH as well as following the news for provisions in Germany, Lower Saxony and Hannover.


1. General information

  • 1.1 Who are the members of the LUH emergency committee?

    During the current coronavirus crisis, members of the emergency committee include:

    • the President,
    • the Senior Vice President,
    • the Personal Assistant to the President,
    • the head of the Health Management Section,
    • the head of the Occupational Safety Department,
    • the head of Buildings Management Department,
    • the head of Communications and Marketing as well as
    • the chairperson of the staff council.

    If necessary, additional persons shall be consulted in an advisory capacity, such as representatives of the student body or the Student Services Organisation.

  • 1.2 What happens if I have tested positive for coronavirus?

    According to the law governing prevention of infection, COVID-19 caused by the coronavirus must be reported. The attending physician is required to notify the local public health office, which may put infected patients on mandatory medical leave or instruct them to stay in self-isolation.

    Please also notify Dr. Jeanette Schröter, Personal Assistant to the President ( and Dr. Ellen Aumüller, Occupational Health Officer ( 

  • 1.2.1 Can I get tested for coronavirus via the Occupational Health Officer at LUH?

    No. Occupational health practitioners focus on preventative medicine and advisory services. Diagnosing and treating diseases is not part of their responsibilities. It is therefore not possible to get tested for coronavirus via occupational health officers. Such tests must be performed by GPs or in test centres.

  • 1.3 I have returned to Hannover from a high-risk area within the last 14 days. What do I need to consider?

    Persons returning from high-risk areas or particularly affected regions – defined by the Robert Koch Institute – within the past 14 days are not permitted to enter buildings and facilities of Leibniz University Hannover and must remain in self-isolation for a period of 14 days from the date of return. Violation of this measure may result in imposed fines in accordance with the law on infection protection.

  • 1.4 How can I help?

    Corona Support Hannover - Solidarity instead of Panic Buying
    In collaboration with students and members of the AStA at LUH, citizens in Hannover have established a neighbourhood network. "Corona Support Hannover - Solidarity instead of Panic Buying" aims to connect those in need and those willing to help, as well as to support other social initiatives. Learn more

    StayConnected - Buddy Programme
    Local LUH students support international students. Under the slogan "Stay at home - but stay connected", the International Office has established an online version of the existing buddy programme. The initiative focuses on answering questions and providing support during the coronavirus crisis. For this purpose, the buddies maintain contact via digital media - such as Skype or WhatsApp Call - spending time with each other, learning languages or exchanging ideas on what to do during their time off. The programme is open to students interested in voluntary work.

    International students of all semesters are welcome to register here.

    Local students interested in supporting international students can register here.

    Additional opportunities for volunteers
    Other organisations, like the Tafel (food banks), need the help of volunteers who are not vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus. This article will certainly provide the necessary motivation.

    Seasonal workers
    Farmers throughout Germany are in urgent need of assistance due to the absence of seasonal workers from abroad. Learn more

    Information regarding BAföG
    BAföG contributions will not be affected for the period during which additional income is earned in the context of supporting health care providers, social services or farmers during the coronavirus pandemic. The amendment has been resolved by the German Bundestag. Further information

  • 1.5 I am struggling to pay rent in time – what are my rights and what options are available to me?

    If renters experience financial difficulties in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, valid reason must be substantiated in writing. The federal government has recently brought forward measures protecting renters against eviction due to rent arrears between April and June 2020.

    In cases of social hardship, tenants of Studentenwerk Hannover (Student Services Organisation Hannover) may pay overdue rent in instalments. For further information, please contact the accounting department of Studentenwerk Hannover.

2. Closures and contact information

  • 2.1 Is it still possible to enter LUH buildings and other facilities on the LUH campus?

    Currently, entering LUH buildings is only possible to a limited extent.

    Most buildings are closed and can only be accessed by persons who have been assigned a locking authorisation or an employee ID card. Without prior authorisation for accessing side entrances, the main university building can only by accessed by presenting your employee ID card to the guards.

    Members of staff are only permitted to enter buildings of Leibniz University Hannover if this is strictly necessary within the scope of their duties or if they are required to maintain buildings and facilities.

    In addition, travellers returning from high-risk areas are currently not permitted to enter LUH buildings and facilities for a period of 14 days from the date of return.

    Students are no longer permitted to enter LUH buildings including study areas. Students may only enter the main university building and lecture hall building on Conti-Campus to validate their LeibnizCard (main university building: in the basement at the front of the building; Conti-Campus: in the foyer of building 1507; in the LUIS facilities in building 1210). You will need to present your student ID. Once completed, you must promptly exit the building. No more than two people are permitted to enter the building at one time. Once they have left, the next two people may enter the building.

    Guests and visitors:
    Guests and visitors are no longer permitted to enter LUH buildings.

  • 2.1.1 Libraries - TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and University Library

    All reading and study areas at TIB have been closed until 19 April 2020 (prospectively). Lending and inter-library loans are no longer possible.

    Further information:

  • 2.1.1 Libraries - Can copies of individual articles from scientific journals be delivered to library users in electronic formats via inter-library loans?

    Not yet, however we are currently working on providing a solution. Since contractual agreements with regard to copyright have not been concluded yet, users are currently required to pick up printed copies at the library. However, this is not permitted due to the current situation in Germany. As a member of the university alliance TU9, LUH supports the efforts of the Consortium of Library Networks (AGV). The consortium aims to reach an informal and short-term agreement with the relevant collecting society in order to provide users with digital copies over a limited period of time, for example over the next eight weeks.

    In addition, users may use drop shipment services such as subito to have documents delivered to their home address. Costs amount to approximately €5.50 per paper for students or €7.50 for professors and research staff.

  • 2.1.2 University Sports Centre

    The University Sports Centre has been closed, prospectively until 20 April 2020. All sports courses have been cancelled.

    Further Information:

  • 2.1.3 Emergency Childcare Facilities

    All day-care facilities of LUH will be closed until 18 April 2020 (prospectively).

    However, this excludes emergency childcare in small groups. Emergency childcare is reserved for cases where at least one parent works in an essential role (“key workers”). According to the family service, eligible professions include

    • health care workers and medical professionals,
    • police officers, paramedics, fire and rescue staff,
    • wardens working in prisons, as well as in hospital order treatment or similar fields,
    • members of staff maintaining vital national and governmental functions,
    • utility workers (in particular supply of water, energy and gas),
    • members of staff in the food industry (food production and processing as well as food trade),
    • members of staff in IT and telecommunications, as well as
    • members of staff in finance (cash supply, card-based and conventional payment systems).

    In cases of hardship, additional groups may be eligible for emergency childcare services (threat of termination, significant loss of earnings).

    Affected parents should first contact their regular childcare provider. If your regular childcare provider does not offer emergency childcare or has been closed, members of LUH may contact “pme Familienservice” regarding emergency childcare services. In order to determine eligibility, each parent is required to submit confirmation of their key role issued by the employer.

    Contact information pme emergency childcare services:
    Tel. +49 511-700 200 0

    Outside of office hours, please call the service hotline (free of charge):
    Tel. +49 800 801 007 080

  • 2.1.4 Cafeterias

    All cafeterias of Studentenwerk Hannover (Student Services Organisation Hannover) have been closed. They shall remain closed until a corresponding risk analysis is issued by the public health authorities.

    Further information:

  • 2.1.5 Psychological Counselling for Students (ptb)

    PTB - Psychological Counselling for Students - is currently not available for face-to-face counselling. However, the advisory service for students and members of staff at LUH continues to provide online emergency support. Further information can be found on the ptb website.

  • 2.2 How can I reach members of staff at LUH?

    Most members of staff work from home and are therefore only available via email or telephone. Further information can be found on the website of the respective service facilities.

  • 2.2.1 ServiceCenter, Examination Office, Admissions Office, Student Advisory Service, International Office

    The ServiceCenter, the Examination Office, the Admissions Office, the International Office, as well as Student Advisory Services are closed to the public. The Student Advisory Services team is available via telephone and email.

    Please do not hesitate to contact team members with queries regarding student and academic matters (Tel. +49 511 762 2020, Email or

    Current information on office hours of the Student Services Organisation Hannover (BAföG and student housing):


  • Resetting passwords for LUH IDs: What happens if I forget my password?

    Usually, students who need to reset their password are required to visit the ServiceCenter and present their passport. It is currently sufficient to submit a scanned version or photo of your passport and your semester ticket (LeibnizCard). This is necessary due to data protection regulations. Please sign the copies and send the files via email to We will then reset your password. After receiving an email containing a PDF with the initial password, you will be able to choose a new password and access your QIS account.

  • LeibnizCard: How can I validate my card or receive a replacement card?

    Students are only permitted to validate their LeibnizCard in the main university building (in the basement, at the front of the building) and in the lecture hall building on Conti-Campus (in the foyer of building 1507) as well as in the LUIS facilities (building 1210, only between 9.00 and 18.00). Once finished, you must promptly leave the building. No more than two people may enter the building at one time. You will need to present your student ID.

    In order to prevent queues forming in front of the buildings, you can download an enrolment confirmation via the QIS portal and validate your card at a later date. As a temporary solution, public transport services accept the enrolment confirmation presented with your passport or the expired LeibnizCard.

    Please contact the Student Information Service with regard to replacement cards:

  • 2.2.2 Personnel and Legal Department

    The Personnel and Legal Department is only available via telephone or email. The department facilities are currently closed to the public.

  • 2.2.3 Finance Department

    The Finance Department is only available via telephone or email. Documents may be submitted via the post boxes at the information desk (box 1-3).

  • 2.2.4 Mail distribution

    Two post boxes with lids will be provided for exchanging mail (including internal mail) in the respective delivery areas (departments, sections, etc.). These should be positioned so that postal staff can exchange the boxes without personal contact. Until further notice, mail in the main university building will be delivered on a daily basis.

    If this is not feasible in your department, please write an email to in order to arrange for your mail to be picked up in the mail room (room A114). Due to space constraints, the mail room may only be accessed by one person at a time.

    Urgent mail may be submitted via the administration post box labelled “Verwaltung” in front of the mail room.

  • 2.2.5 Office supplies

    The office supplies department is closed to the public; orders must be placed via telephone or email.

3. Working at LUH

  • 3.1 Do all members of staff have to work from home?

    In order to ensure the welfare of LUH employees, duties shall only be performed on university premises if this is strictly necessary. The respective supervisors shall decide whether duties at LUH must be carried out on-site or may be performed while working from home.

    All members of staff not required by their supervisor to be present in the workplace shall work from home. Supervisors must ensure that operations can be maintained to the required extent. In particular, employees must be available via email and telephone.

  • 3.1.1 What measures apply to staff who may be more vulnerable to the effects of the coronavirus?

    Staff at higher risk for more severe complications from COVID-19 (according to the higher risk groups indicated by the Robert Koch Institute), should discuss this with their supervisors and depending on the level of risk shall be authorised to work from home.

  • 3.1.2 Do the restrictions with regard to telecommuting still apply?

    Following consultation with the staff council, any restrictions with regard to telecommuting (official request, limited number of days) shall be suspended during the state of crisis. The duration of telecommuting as well as the required duties are determined by the respective supervisor.

  • 3.1.3 What regulations apply for student assistants if it is not possible to fulfil their contract hours?

    In the event that it is not possible to fulfil their contract hours (completely or partially) due to the current situation, student assistants will still be paid in full.

  • 3.2 Are work-related meetings permitted?

    No. All events at LUH involving external guests must be cancelled until 20 April 2020. This includes meetings.

    In addition, social contact within departments is no longer permitted. Other forms of communication (email, telephone, etc.) should be utilised instead. Meetings involving more than two people are not permitted. In such a case, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres should be maintained. Offices shall not be occupied by more than one person.

  • 3.3 I am affected by the closure of schools and day-care facilities – what options are available to me?

    Following consultation with their supervisor, parents who need to make alternative arrangements for childcare (children aged 14 and under) due to closures of nurseries or schools, should work from home. Flexibility with respect to working hours should also be taken into account.

    If it is not possible or appropriate to work from home, paid special leave may be requested. Your request should be sent via email to the applicable member of staff in the Personnel and Legal Department.


    In addition, please note the information provided in section 2.1.3 (“Emergency childcare”).

  • 3.4 What do I need to do if I have been quarantined by the public health department?

    There are two possible scenarios:

    • You are infected and have been instructed to stay in isolation: A medical certificate will be issued. In the case of illness, the usual provisions for continued remuneration shall apply.
    • You are not infected and have been instructed to stay in self-isolation as a preventative measure: Please consult your supervisor to determine whether you will be able to work from home. In accordance with section 56 paragraph 5 of the law on Preventing and Combating Infectious Diseases, continued remuneration will be provided over a maximum period of six weeks.

    In both cases, you are required to notify your employer that you have been instructed to stay in isolation by the public health department.

  • 3.5 I have a business trip coming up. Am I allowed to go?

    Business trips are prohibited until further notice. Approval that was granted for business trips occurring within the period between now and 15 April 2020 is hereby withdrawn.

    In the event that travel is unavoidable due to official obligations, valid reason must be substantiated in writing to university management. Approval of travel shall occur exclusively via university management.

4. Academic activities

5. Examinations

  • 5.1 Are examinations currently taking place?

    As of 14 March 2020, all examinations have been suspended until further notice. This includes written and oral examinations.

    In certain circumstances, it is still possible to complete written coursework such as term papers, essays or reports. 

  • 5.1.1 Is it possible to complete oral examinations that cannot be rescheduled?

    In the case that assessments cannot be rescheduled (last examination in the course of studies, international students who need to return to their home countries, students who need to complete their studies prior to commencing employment), oral examinations may be conducted via Skype. An individual course of action will be determined by the respective member of teaching staff or the Examination Board. The usual provisions shall apply with respect to conducting oral examinations (observer, preparing a transcript, registering marks).

  • 5.1.2 Is it still possible to complete written coursework?

    It is still possible to complete written coursework provided that relevant literature is available online. Members of teaching staff should contact the respective clerk at the Examination Office to determine an individual course of action.

    Due to the closure of libraries and limited online resources, deadlines for written coursework that has already been commenced may be extended.

    If students are unable to complete coursework or examinations due to the current disruptions, such as laboratory work, this will not count as an unsuccessful attempt. For further information on time frames and administrative matters, affected students should contact their institute or the respective member of teaching staff.

    If students decide to discontinue coursework that has already been commenced in spite of an extension, an individual course of action shall be determined by the respective Examination Board.

    With regard to written coursework that has not been commenced yet, examiners shall determine on an individual basis whether coursework may be completed using the resources available online. Deadlines shall be extended to the necessary extent. Examiners may assign topics via email stating all relevant information including the topic, the date of assignment, the deadline, as well as the student’s confirmation of the assignment.

  • How can I submit written coursework?

    Written coursework may by submitted electronically. For further details, please contact your examiner. Additional information may be found on the websites of the respective faculty, institute or degree programme.

  • 5.1.3 Are examiners allowed to change assessment types?

    Should it be considered necessary, the assessment type originally planned (e.g. presentations in person, written examinations in small groups) may be changed by the examiner. This may be implemented within the scope of the assessment types indicated in the examination regulations. The duration of the new assessment type must be precisely defined. 

  • 5.1.4 My bachelor’s/master’s examination module includes a presentation. Can I complete an alternative type of assessment?

    Please contact your examiner in order to determine an individual course of action.

  • 5.1.5 Will deadlines for correcting assessments be extended?

    In view of the current challenges regarding examinations and the preparations to facilitate online teaching, deadlines for correcting assessments and coursework will consequently be extended.

    Examiners should communicate this clearly within the institutes, bearing in mind that students are subject to external deadlines such as Federal Education Assistance Act (BAföG), grants and employment offers that are dependent on grades.

    Students relying on a specific deadline should contact the respective member of teaching staff to determine an individual course of action. 

  • 5.1.6 Should I register for examinations if registration periods are currently in process?

    We are currently not able to predict when teaching activities and examinations at our university will be resumed. Just to be on the safe side, students should register for examinations.

  • 5.2 When will rescheduled examinations take place?

    We are currently in the process of discussing suitable periods of time for rescheduling written examinations such as the Pentecost week. However, this ultimately depends on the development of the pandemic. Students will receive further information on alternative examination dates as soon as possible.

  • 5.2.1 Examinations in my bachelor’s degree programme have been postponed. How will this affect my applications for master’s degree programmes starting in winter semester 2020/2021?

    To date, we aim to reschedule written and oral examinations for the first half of the summer semester, so that results will be available before the application deadline for the winter semester. However, evidence of the required 150 credit points in the form of a transcript of marks may be submitted after the application deadline.

  • 5.3 How will my thesis be affected?

    Deadlines for bachelor's and master's theses currently in process may be extended following consultation with the Examination Board.

    As usual, students must submit their thesis to the examiners via email, as well as submitting a printed version via post or, if possible, by using the post boxes in the institutes. Submission will be confirmed by the receiving member of staff via internal mail to the Examination Office or by using the electronic form. Likewise, thesis reviews can be sent to the Examination Office via post or using the electronic form with an electronic signature.

    If their thesis relies on experiments, laboratory work and other means of data collection that cannot be conducted as planned due to the current situation, students should contact their examiners in order to determine an individual course of action as well as to discuss alternative options, such as adapting the topic of their thesis.

    This also applies to theses that have already been scheduled to commence.

    In the event that a thesis cannot be completed due to the current situation, it shall not be counted as an unsuccessful attempt.

  • 5.3.1 I would like to commence my thesis. What do I need to consider?

    Please contact your supervisor in order to determine whether it is advisable to commence your thesis in light of the current situation.

    Applications for admission to the thesis may be submitted via email. Please make sure to specify a submission deadline with your supervisor. The application form confirmed by the examiners including the assigned topic must be submitted to the respective clerk at the Examination Office - both as a pdf-attachment via email and by post.

  • 5.4 Will oral examinations (viva voce) for doctoral degrees take place?

    The dean of research offices and doctoral committees in the relevant faculty must make arrangements for current doctoral proceedings. The following also applies in this respect: Oral examinations must be rescheduled unless there is urgent reason for this to be conducted via online communication (e.g. Skype, or similar).  

  • 5.5 Where can I obtain a course certificate for administrative bodies or foundations?


    Depending on the course and specifications of the relevant non-university administrative bodies and facilities, many students require course certificates. As examinations have been suspended, students cannot complete any assessments or course units. We are aware that students need to meet submission deadlines regarding course certificates for administrative bodies (such as BAföG) or foundations. We are in constant contact with the relevant administrative bodies and facilities in order to establish possible solutions for the matter, such as extending deadlines. In this respect too, processes and provisions must be adapted to the current situation.

    Students should contact the respective member of staff at their institute with any queries. We will provide detailed information on how to proceed as soon as possible.

    Additional information on BAföG can be found on the website of the Student Services Organisation Hannover at


6. Enrolment and re-registration

7. International

8. Research

9. Events


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