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Nachricht der Hochschulleitung an die internationalen Studierenden der LUH

Message from university management to international LUH students

Information regarding proof of vaccination, recovery or testing (3G)

Dear students,

As previously announced on 3 September 2021, the 3G rule must be observed by anyone entering LUH buildings from 4 October. Consequently, access to university buildings will be restricted to persons who have been vaccinated or have recovered from a COVID-19 infection as well as those able to provide a negative test result. This will ensure the safety of all LUH members.

Proof of vaccination

Proof of vaccination must be provided as defined in the regulations governing exemptions from protective measures against COVID-19 (“SchAusnahmV”) and the coronavirus entry regulations (“CoronaEinreiseV”).

Proof of vaccination exists if one or more of the vaccines listed on the website of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut have been administered,


a. consists of the number of doses required for full protection (one or two doses, depending on the type of vaccine) published on the website of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (see link provided above) and at least 14 days have elapsed since the last required dose has been administered, or

b. in the case of a recovered person, consists of one administered dose.

The easiest way to provide proof of vaccination is the CovPass-App or the Corona-Warn-App. Both apps can be installed for free and can be used to provide digital proof of vaccination.

How to obtain a digital vaccination certificate:

A. If you are already vaccinated

     1. Please check whether the administered vaccine has been approved (see Paul-Ehrlich-Institut website) and proof of vaccination has been issued in either German, English, French, Italian or Spanish.

          • Approved vaccine → A digital vaccination certificate may be obtained via a pharmacy issuing digital vaccination certificates for vaccinations administered outside of Germany (please refer to the list of pharmacies which also includes information on required documents).

          • Unapproved vaccine → You are considered as not (fully) vaccinated (see section B.2.).

     2. Please enter the certificate into the CovPass app or the Corona-Warn-App.

     3. When entering LUH buildings, proof of vaccination may be provided via the apps.

B. If you are not yet (fully) vaccinated

     1. For example, vaccinations may be obtained via

          • family doctors,

          • the Hannover vaccination centre until 30 September 2021 (appointments may be booked via the vaccination portal),

          • in the context of mobile vaccination campaigns in Hannover and the surrounding region

          • or the vaccination days at LUH: Vaccinations will be carried out by a mobile vaccination team using the BioNTECH/Pfizer vaccine. Following registration, further details will be provided via email.

             Vaccination appointments:

             Wednesday 6 October

             Wednesday 13 October

     2. If the vaccine administered in your home country is not recognised in Germany or if the first dose has already been administered in your home country and you require a second dose after your arrival in Hannover, please contact a family doctor or the local health office (

Proof of recovery


Anyone recovered from a coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infection able to provide proof via a positive PCR test result. The PCR test result must have been obtained within the past 180 days.


Proof of recovery is valid from the 28th day after the test and for a period of 180 days after the test.


Proof of recovery may be obtained via doctor’s practices or pharmacies.

Providing proof via the app:

If you scan the QR code of your recovery certificate in the CovPass-App, full protection will be displayed within the validity period of the certificate.

Proof of testing

Proof of testing must have been issued by a family doctor or test centre. The test result must have been obtained within the past 24 hours (rapid tests) or within the past 48 hours (PCR tests). Self-tests are insufficient.


We look forward to welcoming you at Leibniz University Hannover in winter semester 2021/2022!


Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Volker Epping