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Nachricht der Hochschulleitung an die Beschäftigten der LUH

Message from university management to LUH employees

On-campus examinations from 1 March / summer semester 2021

Dear colleagues,

In this email, I would like to provide information regarding on-campus examinations from 1 March, as well as on plans for the upcoming summer semester.

In light of the rapid spread of infections and the urgent need to reduce contacts, university management decided to suspend on-campus examinations scheduled to take place in February. Many colleagues followed our appeal to transfer examinations to online formats or alternative assessment types. I would like to express my gratitude for this. This flexibility, commitment and innovative thinking is essential in this crisis. Moreover, I wish to thank all members of support staff, who have also been significantly affected by this decision.

Due to the slowly decreasing incidence rates, the Presidential Board and the emergency committee of Leibniz University Hannover have once again evaluated further steps with regard to university life, in particular on-campus examinations in March and plans for summer semester 2021. After careful consideration, we have reached certain decisions. We are aware that these decisions will not be met with the general approval of all students and members of staff. We respect different opinions and have thoroughly considered alternative options in our decision-making process. Nevertheless, we are responsible for and committed to enabling our students to complete their studies and examinations within the scheduled period. For this reason, the Presidential Board and the emergency committee have decided to take the following steps:

  • From 1 March, on-campus examinations at LUH will be resumed under strict compliance with the existing hygiene measures. The examination period for the winter semester will be extended until 29 April. However, the Presidential Board asks members of teaching staff to use online formats or other assessment types, where possible. It will be up to the respective examiners to implement an appropriate course of action.
  • Since the examination period for the winter semester and the summer semester will overlap, it may be necessary that students be excused from some sessions in the summer semester if they need to sit an examination taking place at the same time. I would like to ask all members of teaching staff to accommodate this at the beginning of the lecture period and offer alternative options if necessary.
  • On-campus examinations must be realised under strict compliance with the hygiene measures, a face mask or covering (surgical mask or FFP2 mask) must be worn by all students and members of staff present during examinations. Further information and guidelines regarding the implemented regulations addressing examiners and members of staff present during examinations can be found in FAQ section 2.1/6.2.1.
  • Students who do not wear a face mask will be excluded from examinations.
  • For this reason, on-campus examinations must not exceed a maximum duration of 2 hours (actual time for sitting the examination).
  • The lecture period in summer semester 2021 begins on 12 April, the examination period for larger, centrally planned written examinations in the summer semester starts on 25 July. Where possible, examinations in the summer semester should be offered online.
  • Teaching activities in the summer semester will take place online. If the incidence rate for the Hannover region drops below 50 (over a period of seven days), face-to-face sessions for new students should be offered again. If this is the case, the Presidential Board and the emergency committee will make a decision and provide further details. At the moment, laboratory work, project studies, as well as preparing for bachelor’s or master’s examinations in student groups is possible. If the incidence rate drops below 50 over an extended period, we will evaluate if these activities may take place in larger groups.

With these measures, the Presidential Board intends to clarify matters over the next weeks. However, we are aware that we may need to implement changes at short notice, depending on the development of the pandemic.

For further information, please send an email to Professor Julia Gillen, our Vice President for Teaching and Academic Programmes, and her team will be happy to answer individual queries.

I wish all of us much strength for handling this situation successfully. Up to this point, we all did our very best for our students, while ensuring that research and administrative procedures can be continued. We can be proud of that and use it as a source of encouragement for dealing with this next step in a constructive and positive way.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. Volker Epping