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Nachricht der Hochschulleitung an die Studierenden der LUH

Message from university management to LUH students

On-campus examinations at LUH from 25.01.2021

Dear students,

Due to mutated forms of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and a constantly high number of infections, the federal and state governments had another meeting, which took place on Tuesday. As a result, all existing measures have been extended until 14 February 2021 while some measures have been tightened.

Following intensive discussions and in light of current developments regarding the spread of infections, the Presidential Board and the LUH emergency committee came to the conclusion that on-campus examinations as originally planned are no longer acceptable. Concerns voiced by many students and members of staff of the university reinforced our decision.

We know that this requires additional efforts on the part of all those involved, as well as organisational changes – and that many students are worried about the possibility of a prolonged duration of study. Nevertheless, on-campus examinations at Leibniz University Hannover will be suspended between 25 January and 28 February 2021. With this measure, we aim to reduce contacts and ensure the well-being of all students and members of staff.

University management is aware that you are entitled to complete examinations within the current winter semester and we strive to accommodate this where possible. We deeply care about the success of your studies and we have tried hard to find suitable solutions since the beginning of the pandemic. Therefore, we have urged all dean of studies offices and all examiners to make use of the general examination regulations established to reduce the impact of the pandemic, which facilitate alternative forms of examinations as well as greater leeway. They will assess each examination originally scheduled to take place on-campus and determine possible online options.

New examination formats will be held as originally scheduled, provided that this is reasonable in terms of organisation and taking into account that students need sufficient time to prepare.

Teaching staff will assess whether your examinations can be converted into an online format or an alternative form of assessment. Specific information on dates and possible postponements will be provided shortly. Even though this will raise many questions, I would like to ask all students to remain patient until the end of January. Teaching staff and the Examination Office will act as quickly as possible.

Depending on the development of the pandemic, inevitable on-campus examinations must be held after 01.03.2021 and under strict compliance with the implemented hygiene measures. Alternative dates for these examinations will be announced from 15.02.2021.

The examination period will be extended to the summer semester.

The Presidential Board is aware that this decision causes difficulties for all members of Leibniz University Hannover and requires additional efforts in these extremely strenuous times. However, in light of the current situation, we are compelled to take this step. We thank all those involved for their patience and solidarity. We remain optimistic that we will be able to deal with this challenge together.

Personally, I have great confidence in the abilities of students and teaching staff to approach this task in a creative, solution-oriented and flexible manner.

I would like to take this opportunity to urge all students to comply with the rules and measures implemented to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Please do not enter university buildings or the library if you feel unwell. Please remember that face masks must be worn in all buildings and outdoor areas on campus and maintain sufficient distance to demonstrate solidarity with fellow students as well as with university staff and do your bit so that we can overcome the pandemic together.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. Volker Epping