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Nachricht der Hochschulleitung an Studierende der LUH

Message from university management to LUH students

Start of the new semester at Leibniz University Hannover

Dear students,

Winter semester 2022/2023 at Leibniz University Hannover has started. All the best for the new semester! Once again, it will be a challenging semester in view of the current external conditions and I would like to use this opportunity to address the two issues that concern us most: COVID-19 and the energy crisis.


Please note that this semester will take place on campus, just like in past semesters. At the start of the semester, testing or wearing face masks will not be mandatory and compliance with the 3G rule will not be monitored. Neither the laws governing prevention of infection nor the regulations to prevent the infection and spread of the coronavirus issued by the State of Lower Saxony currently provide a basis for implementing these measures but, due to the low number of infections, we are in a fortunate position to start the semester without those measures, at least at the moment. Nevertheless, I would like to urge all of you to wear face masks if sufficient distance and ventilation cannot be ensured in situations where many people gather in one room. Regular testing protects yourself and fellow students as well as teaching staff. The Presidential Board will monitor the situation carefully, react immediately and provide information accordingly if measures at LUH need to be tightened again. In case of any queries regarding the coronavirus pandemic, please send an email to

Energy crisis

Drastically increasing energy prices and the threat of an insufficient supply of energy are a great concern for all of us, also in view of fulfilling our duties here at LUH. Even though politicians will intervene with the announced relief measures and considerable financial effort, every single one of us needs to contribute.

Moreover, I wish to express my gratitude for any ideas and suggestions that have been submitted to us. Thank you for your dedication. Please support us in our endeavour to save energy at your university by acting responsibly.

Please also refer to our FAQ section on the energy crisis at

In spite of all challenges, I wish all of us a successful winter semester! In addition, please seize the opportunity to gain new and unfamiliar insights into your university by visiting our open day event “Leibniz AnsprechBAR” on 5 November:

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. Volker Epping