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Interactions of urban flows in complex terrain
24 Jan
24. January 2019
Meteorologisches Kolloquium

Interactions of urban flows in complex terrain

The consequences of urbanization and their prediction are posing new interesting challenges to meteorology, as computational resources continue to grow and hence prediction of ever smaller scales becomes increasingly feasible. The scope of questions also expands into more transdisciplinary concerns about health, liveability, sustainability as well as resilience; keywords, that appear in many modern urban government agendas. Out of this vast landscape of interesting and complex questions, two different recent examples of urban meteorological research will be presented in this talk.

The first example is based within the realm of numerical simulations on mesoscales. Scaling parameters of different variety affect the modification of mesoscale flows while moving over urban land cover. The complex, yet intuitively obvious behaviour of one of these scaling parameters will be presented: The simulated influence of anthropogenic sensible heat fluxes at the surface on precipitation statistics in regional and local contexts of the South Chinese megacity cluster in the Pearl River Delta.

Voyaging on from somewhat idealized numerical experiments, the focus will be shifted towards ground based remote sensing measurements of actual urban wind fields in Stuttgart for latter half of this talk. The heterogeneity of urban convection will be presented by discussing the different properties of vertical wind profiles that were measured in 2018 for the Urban Climate under Change ([UC]2) project by Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Integrating these perspectives offers a hint towards the long way, that urban dynamic meteorology has come in the decades since the METROMEX campaigns; yet allows us to appreciate the current limitations and points out the large potential of the field.


Dr. Christopher Holst, Atmospheric Environmental Research, Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Institut für Meteorologie und Klimatologie


24. January 2019
16:15 o'clock - 17:30 o'clock


Building: 4105
Room: F118
Herrenhäuser Straße 2
30419 Hannover
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